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Who are we?

We have been funded for a 4th year!  News Release.

The Center for Dairy Farm Safety (CDFS) was established in 2011 from funds that were awarded to UWRF from OSHA's Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. Now in the fourth year, we are continuing to develop training materials, tools and resources to assist dairy farmers in establishing and maintaining an effective health and safety program.

The goal of the CDFS is to bring together best practice protocols for dairy operation occupational safety and health programs. The program provides valuable resources to dairy farmers by developing new curriculum designed with dairy industry involvement; extending outreach capabilities to dairy producers; and providing training to future producers and managers.  Currently the program is being presented to dairy producers and their employees throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and most recently New York.

The CDFS offers two educational programs-one for dairy farm owners and one for dairy farm employees (presented in English and Spanish).  The dairy farm owner training ("Online Short Course") covers 8 different topics:  Effective Safety and Health Programs, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Injury Trends, Hazard Communication, Hazards with Animal Handling, Hazards with Farm Machinery, Personal Protection Equipment, and Introduction to OSHA.  For the past three years, this training has been offered in a classroom setting in various county's across the State.  Now we are offering this training online! 

The dairy farm employee training was developed by the National Farm Medicine Center (NFMC)  in Marshfield, WI.  Through a partnership with NFMC and UWRF, the 5 different topics can presented right on your farm!  The training is offered in both English and Spanish and covers the following:  Introduction to Dairy Safety, Animal Handling, Machinery Safety, Worker Rights and Responsibilities, and Chemical Safety.  During the 4th year of the grant we will be developing a 6th module on Personal Wellness.  Contact us if you are interested in having us perform training on your farm!  Each lesson takes between 30-45 minutes to present and employees who complete all modules are presented with a safety certificate.

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At World Dairy Expo, China Agricultural University (CAU) students were recognized for completing a customized Agricultural Safety Course while here at UWRF.

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