Our goal with the CAFES Internship Program is to create a uniquely beneficial experience for both students and employers with the assistance of faculty coordinators. We listen closely to our students' career aspirations, and work hard to find the perfect fit with local, regional, national and international organizations who are seeking to employ top quality candidates.

Not all CAFES majors require an internship, but they are strongly recommended for all programs. The vast majority of CAFES internships are paid experiences.

Student Benefits

  • Gain valuable, hands-on, practical career experiences, while earning university credit
  • Blend theory with practice, which enhances classroom learning
  • Build a professional network
  • Design a unique work experience based on career goals
  • Choose from internship opportunities at local, regional, national or international sites

About Student Internships

Employer Benefits

  • Obtain access to motivated, well-trained and productive employees
  • Receive extra support through special projects
  • Identify, train and evaluate interns as potential employees
  • Positively impact our curricular programming through the relationship established with UWRF and CAFES departments
  • Enhance recruiting efforts as a result of favorable comments from CAFES interns

About Employers

If you have questions about the appropriate form to use please contact the CAFES Internship Office or your Faculty Coordinator.


CAFES Internship Form

Guidelines for Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives Form (PDF fill in)

Status Reports (online submission)


CAFES Employers Internship Position Description

CAFES Employer Evaluation of Intern Form 

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CAFES Internship Office
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Dr. Eric Sanden, Internship Director
Jolene Summers, Internship Program Coordinator

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