College-Level Coursework

Have you gotten a jumpstart on your college credit? UWRF grants credit for the successful completion of college-level coursework while still in high school. We grant credit for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. Credits earned may be used towards your general education or degree requirements or towards elective credit.

You must have CollegeBoard send an official score report directly to UWRF. The AP college code is 1918. 

CollegeBoard Advanced Placement (AP) Course List 

You must have IB send an official score report directly to UWRF to be awarded IB credit. 

International Baccalaureate Course List

You must have CLEP send an official score transcript directly to UWRF to be considered for credit. The college code for UWRF is 1918. 

CLEP Subject Exam List

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High School Credit Options

Did you know that there are several options for you to earn college credit while still in high school? You can get a leg up on your college education, explore each of our programs and determine your best fit.

Dual Academic Credit Program (DACP)

Are you a River Falls, Hudson, New Richmond, Osceola, Amery, or St. Croix Central student? These high schools now offers dual credit opportunities in partnership with UWRF. You may elect to earn both college credits and required high school credits simultaneously, providing you with an opportunity to earn UWRF credit right at the high school. Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll be awarded credits that count towards both your high school and university requirements.

  • Complete the UW System Application as a Dual Academic Credit Program (DACP) applicant online.
    • Answer NO when asked, "Are you applying as a degree-seeking student?" 
    • When asked to "Choose Your Program," choose "Dual Academic Credit Program (DACP)."
    • Do NOT submit an essay or your transcript.
  • If you're interested in earning DACP credits at UWRF, contact your high school's guidance counselor. They can assist you with signing up for the program. 
High School Term Application Deadline

River Falls

Fall 2022

Sept. 5, 2022


Spring 2023

Jan. 25, 2023


Full Academic Year

Sept. 7, 2022


Full Academic Year/Fall 2022

Sept. 5, 2022

New Richmond

Full Academic Year

Sept. 5, 2022


Fall 2022

Sept. 5, 2022

Spring 2023

Jan. 25, 2023
St. Croix Central

Fall 2022

Sept. 5, 2022

Spring 2023

Jan. 25, 2023

Students should begin to discuss DACP credit options with their teacher and guidance counselor in the spring prior to fall term or year-long courses and in the fall prior to the beginning of spring term courses.

You are responsible for payment of course tuition at $100 per credit (a 66% savings) paid to your high school. If you are on free or reduced lunch, the tuition payment is $50 per credit. Check with your school for payment options and deadlines. 

The Early College Credit Program (ECCP)

Students at Wisconsin public and private schools can earn college credit via ECCP. If you are selected for the program, you may enroll at UWRF. You are allowed to take one or more courses for high school and/or college credit. Under ECCP, the costs of the courses are shared among UWRF, the school district, the state, and in some cases, the student's family. The ECCP option is the most affordable credit option and you can earn up to 18 total credits via ECCP.

Note: Students participating in this program should understand that these are real college courses for real college credit. The course grades will go on an official college transcript (permanent record). Students should be confident they are ready to take on the challenging work of a college course before enrolling. 

Wisconsin DPI resources:

Interested in taking the next step at UWRF? Contact us at!

Deadlines are important to note as you prepare for this program.

  1. First Deadline: Students will need to complete an ECCP form and submit it to their high school counselor. High school counselors will then follow procedure to have that form reviewed for approval by the appropriate officials. The approved form is then sent to the Admissions Office of the institution seeking enrollment.
  2. Second Deadline: All application materials must be submitted to the Admissions Office (attention: ECCP Coordinator) for processing. This includes the ECCP form, high school transcript and completion of the UW System Application (online).

Items Due

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Due to high school counselor: ECCP form

February 1

March 1

October 1

Due to UWRF Admissions: UW System Application, transcripts and ECCP form

March 1

June 1

December 1


A complete application file includes: a completed/approved ECCP form, high school transcript and UW System Application. Please pay close attention to the instructions and resources for each item: 

Step 1: ECCP form. You must complete and submit this form to your high school counselor. Once the form has been approved, the form should then be sent to UWRF Admissions. 

  • The ECCP form is available here.
  • Where possible, please type on this document. It is super important that we are able to clearly read this form. 
  • Approved forms should be emailed to and directed towards the ECCP Coordinator. The form should contain all necessary information, signatures and approval markings. 
  • Students MUST complete a new form for each term they are interested in participating. 
  • Resources to help complete form:
    • See what others have taken: Common ECCP Courses taken at UWRF
    • Make the most of your time by taking general education courses: UWRF General Education
    • See what courses are available by subject and delivery mode: Class Schedule Lookup for UWRF
    • Looking for strictly online and asynchronous courses? We encourage you to look at UW-Extended (UWX) Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) program courses listed in the Class Schedule Lookup.
    • When completing your ECCP form, please be sure to accurately record course catalog number and title for proper processing.  
      • Example: UWX AN100 – Introduction to Anthropology.
    • Students interested in UWX courses will be connected with our Director of Associate Degrees during the registration process.
    • Textbooks are not included with these courses. 
    • For more information about our associate degree offerings, visit

Step 2: High School Transcripts: You must submit a high school transcript. 

  • Transcripts should be emailed and directed to the ECCP Coordinator, Katrina Riba
  • An updated transcript is needed at each term you're interested in participating in the program.  

Step 3: UW System Application

  • First time ECCP students must complete a UW System Application for UW-River Falls
    • ECCP Students will only need to submit the UW System Application one time. They do not need to submit a new application each term or academic year to participate in the program.
  • High School Special - Early College Credit Program (ECCP) should be the type/program
  • Click here to apply
  • Students at Wisconsin public and private schools grades 9-12th are eligible to apply for ECCP. (DPI)
  • Top 40% of high school class with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • If you don’t meet the above criteria, you may be considered for ECCP on a case-by-case basis by submitting significant and convincing letters of recommendation. An essay may also be requested.
  • Approval by the high school does not guarantee admission to the university.
  • ECCP students will register on a space-available basis. Course registration is not guaranteed.
  • If a student receives a failing grade or they drop a course for which the school district has made payment, the school district may request reimbursement from the student or from the student's parent or guardian for all costs related to the course.
  • The UWRF ECCP Coordinator will be in contact with students as they are admitted into the university to communicate next steps and prepare for registration. Registration typically takes place for
    • Fall semester in late July and early August
    • Spring semester in early through mid December 
    • Summer session in late March
  • ECCP Special Course Fee Form
    • Click here to download the form.   
      • If you register for a course that has an additional course fee, you will need to submit a Special Course Fee Form for payment approval from your high school.

UW System Placement Test

  • Once the student has completed the activation process of their Falcon Account, they will gain access to the online Wisconsin Placement Tests. 
  • Complete the registration form here.
    • Your Falcon Account must be activated prior to completing the registration form because you’ll need it to sign in. If you have not activated your account or need to change/update your password, click here.
    • Once you click on the hyperlink to fill out the registration form, you will indicate UW-River Falls and then sign in with your W# and password.
    • Once you complete the registration form, you will receive emails from to complete the registration process with a confirmation code. 
    • Another email will then come from with all the links and instructions. 
    • These emails often end up in a spam, junk or clutter folder, so please conduct a thorough search shortly after completing the registration form.
  • Registrar's Office Schedule Timetable (High School Counselor Resource)
  • Prerequisites are things that are required as a prior condition for something else to happen. (I.e. Completion of a previous sequential course or test result (AP, IB, CLEP, ACT or placement test. Example: You must take Biology 101 before taking Biology 200.)  
  • AP coursework in physical science is required to take science courses.
  • AP math test scores are required in order to apply for a math course. A math placement test may also be required.
  • Modern language courses require a placement test.
  • English placement test required for ENGL 100 and 200
  • Students who fail a course are not eligible to continue in the Early College Credit Program.

High School Special

You may also take college courses as High School Special student. It is a great opportunity to earn college credits, however, you and your family are responsible for the full cost of tuition. High School Special students may enroll in any course in which prerequisites have been met. Typically, you will enroll as a High School Special if a course is not approved via ECCP. Enrolling as a High School Special is the most flexible option since students can enroll in any course available at UWRF.

  • Complete the high school special student online UW System Application for UWRF.
  • Request an official high school transcript be sent to UW-River Falls Admissions.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or principal.
  • Submit your ACT or SAT test scores if completed.

Applications are given a comprehensive review and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

High School Special Students are responsible for payment of course tuition and required fees.

Distance Learning through CESA

Through partnerships with Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Service Agencies
(CESAs), UWRF offers distance learning options for students in CESAs 10 and 11. Common classes are in computer programming, special education, environmental
studies and physics.

Participating Schools

  • Barron
  • Birchwood
  • Clayton
  • Clear Lake
  • Frederic
  • Grantsburg
  • Luck
  • Northwood
  • Pepin
  • Plum City
  • Prairie Farm
  • Prescott
  • Shell Lake
  • Siren
  • Spring Valley
  • Turtle Lake
  • Unity
  • Webster
  • Westfield
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Top 40% of class (exceptions may be made for students with special talents)
  • Open to 9-12th grade students
  • Notify your high school counselor of your interest to participate in the program.
  • Complete the high school special student online UW System Application for UWRF and have your counselor submit your high school transcripts.
  • You’ll receive a decision letter from our admissions team with more information.
  • No application fee will be charged to students or their schools.
  • If you wish to enroll at UWRF following high school graduation, you will need to re-apply during your senior year in high school as a degree-seeking student and pay an application fee.
  • Placement tests may be required for specific courses including math, English or foreign language.
  • Questions? Contact Angela Whitaker at or 715-425-3261.

Transfer in Credits

See how your PSEO, CIS, ECCP, or dual enrollment credits transfer to UWRF with our Credit Transfer Tools.