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Earn Your Associate Degree

Our associate degree programs are an excellent way to quickly earn a degree and give you a boost in your career field. Explore our options and find the right path for your future.

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Did you know there isn’t just one way to get to know UWRF? Are you ready to head to campus and see us in person or maybe you want to learn more from the comfort of your home? Are you looking for a one-on-one experience with one of our admissions counselors or do you just want some general information about us? No matter where you’re located or where you are in your college search process, we’ve got options just for you! Learn more about our visit options here.

You’ve Got Options

UWRF offers three options, including a fully online option, to earn your associate degree. An associate degree is generally accepted by other UW System institutions as fulfilling the university-wide general education breadth requirements.  

Associate of Arts

Primarily intended to provide a broad liberal arts background, the Associate of Arts Degree is designed to be the foundation for – and satisfy the general education requirements for – most bachelor’s degree programs.

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science Degree is primarily intended to provide a basic liberal arts background with an enhanced focus on knowledge of the physical and natural world and quantitative literacy. It provides foundational courses in preparation for a bachelor’s degree with highly structured major requirements in the natural sciences.

Associate of Arts and Sciences (completely online)

A partnership of UW campuses, the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree is a 100% online collaborative degree. It is intended to provide a broad, balanced liberal arts and sciences background to satisfy the general education breadth requirements at four-year institutions.

Before You Apply

We’re so excited you’ve chosen to apply to UWRF! To make the process smoother, we’ve compiled some helpful information about our admissions criteria. Keep in mind, we make a comprehensive review of your application. Lots of factors go into an admission decision, but there are a few key things to take note of.

We know that GPA, class rank and course options vary widely between high schools, so we do a comprehensive review of your application. Although we’ll consider both academic and non-academic factors, your performance in the classroom remains the most important factor in our review process.

Your academic preparation – specifically the strength of high school coursework – is an important part of the admission decision. Listed below are the minimum course requirements for strong consideration of your application. Students who are most competitive for admission typically exceed these unit requirements.


(composition, literature and rhetoric)

4 units*


(algebra, geometry and higher)

3 units*

Science (two must be from

biology, chemistry or physics)

3 units*

Social Studies

3 units*

Additional Academic Electives

(from the above areas or other academic or vocational areas)

4 units*

*A unit equals one academic year of a subject.

Letters of recommendation (no more than two) are only encouraged if you don’t think your transcript accurately reflects your true abilities as a student. The most impactful recommendation letters are provided by teachers and others who can speak directly about your academic potential.

Have you taken some college classes in high school? Learn more about what credit you may have already earned.

When you apply to UW-River Falls, you have the choice if you would like to submit your standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) as part of your admission application. When completing your application for admission, you’ll select one of three options: (1) if you would like your application to be reviewed without test scores (Test-Optional), (2) if you plan to submit test scores or (3) if you’re unsure. If you choose to include your test scores, they will be considered in your admission decision. If you choose to apply Test-Optional, you won’t be penalized for not submitting scores.

Note: Students who are applying from secondary schools that provide written evaluations in lieu of traditional grades or students who have been homeschooled, attend online high schools or who are enrolled in other non-traditional secondary school programs are encouraged to submit standardized test scores.

Test-Optional FAQs

If you’re satisfied with your scores and think they accurately reflect your academic achievements, we encourage you to include them with your application. If you don’t think your scores accurately reflect your academic ability and potential or if you weren’t able to take a standardized test due to COVID-19, you should consider applying Test-Optional.

If you choose to include your test scores, they’ll be considered in your admission decision. If you choose to apply Test-Optional, you won’t be penalized for not submitting test scores.

If you apply Test-Optional, standardized test scores won’t be considered in the review process, even if they’ve already been submitted to us by you or the testing agency.

You will be considered for merit-based scholarships whether you submit test scores or not. When determining your scholarship award, we’ll look at the same factors we considered when evaluating your application for admission – primarily your high school academic performance. Standardized test scores will be factored into your scholarship award if you choose to submit them, but you won’t be disadvantaged for scholarship funding if you choose to apply without them.

NOTE: In rare exceptions, test scores may be required if you want to be considered for one of our Foundation scholarship programs.


Apply Now

Ready to apply? (Don’t worry, we’ve made it simple!)

1. Complete an online application at

2. Submit an ACT or SAT score (optional*)

3. Submit transcripts

*Our Test-Optional Policy is open to both students who do not wish to share scores and to students who were unable to attend scheduled testing dates. In other words, when applying for admission to UW-River Falls, you have the choice to submit standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) as part of your admission application.

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Admitted Next Steps

You’re in! Now what? There are lots of important tasks to complete before you start classes. We've compiled a list to make sure you don't miss any.

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Paying for College

Paying for college is an important topic – and a conversation we all need to have! We’ve got answers to your questions and important information on your next steps.

Paying for College
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We’re here to help you during every step of the application and admissions process so don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance!

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