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Meet the Colleges

UWRF is home to three unique colleges: the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education, Business and Allied Health. Known around campus as CAFES, CAS and CEBAH, the three colleges collaborate to provide incredible learning opportunities for all students.

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The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

From lab farms to laboratories and cows to crops, CAFES has been providing Falcons with limitless opportunities since 1912. The college is home to more than a dozen majors, two laboratory farms, award-winning faculty and unique programs like or Farm and Industry Short Course. In CAFES, you're empowered to learn by doing and we provide incredible hands-on learning opportunities to help you do just that. 


The College of Arts and Sciences

CAS is home to a diverse group of departments where opportunities for success are as wide-ranging as your choices of majors. Course offerings are broad in CAS, but one thing is consistent: we’re committed to developing all our students’ foundational liberal arts skills. As a Falcon, you’ll cultivate those skills through personalized high-impact experiences, whether you’re interning at the statehouse, conducting research in Antarctica or working set design for a campus theatre production.


The College of Education, Business and Allied Health

The largest college at UWRF, CEBAH houses three schools: the School of Education, the School of Business and Economics and the School of Allied Health and Social Work. Our nationally recognized, accredited programs will teach you lifelong skills through personalized, hands-on learning, whether it's student teaching in a classroom, interning at a Fortune 500 business or working in our on-campus Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic.