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A comprehensive discipline that emphasizes problem-solving, articulation, critical thinking and analysis skills, history is a field that bridges our past and our future. At UWRF, history majors develop a well-rounded set of skills needed to understand current issues within their historical context and connect the social and historical processes of humanity.


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History Student Nick McGrath
My history courses were top notch and provided excellent variety and in-depth study into every corner of the world of history. There I learned to do research, ask tough questions, and to tell stories. I feel that I became a historian and a researcher at UWRF thanks to the mentorship from my really awesome professors.
Nick McGrath


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Broad Field Social Studies/​History

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Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Communicate ethically through oral and written formats.
  • Hone valuable independent research skills.
  • Collaborate effectively with others and network across organizations.
  • Analyze empirical data and learn to draw informed, analysis-based conclusions.


Types of Courses

  • African American History
  • American Intellectual History
  • History of the Modern World
  • History of United States Foreign Policy
  • Native Americans and the United States
  • Origins of Civilization
  • Social Movements in Modern Britain
  • The Renaissance
  • U.S. History


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Potential Careers

History graduates find themselves working diverse roles for a wide variety of employers. Many choose to attend graduate school and law school is a popular choice among history majors. Examples of potential roles include:

  • Archivist or Museum Curator
  • History Teacher
  • Legislator or Legislative Assistant
  • Lobbyist or Political Analyst
  • Researcher or Editor
  • Urban Planning Consultant


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