History Major

Major in History-Liberal Arts 36 Total Credits

Core Requirements 9 cr. hrs.
HIST 101 Origins of Civilization (supporting course)*, 3 cr.
HIST 102 History of the Modern World, 1500-Present, 3 cr.
HIST 215 U.S. History to 1865, 3 cr.
HIST 216 U.S. History from 1865, 3 cr.
*History majors are required to take HIST 101 to meet Social and Behavioral Sciences Requirement in General Education Goal Two, so the course and its 3 credits will not be counted as history major credits.

Required Courses 6 cr. hrs.

Choose one of the following Non-U.S. History Courses, 3 cr. hrs.
HIST 201 Introduction to Asian Civilization, 3 cr.
HIST 202 Introduction to Latin American Civilizations, 3 cr.
HIST 203 The Mediterranean: A Survey, 3 cr.
HIST 209 Introduction to African History, 3 cr.

Choose one of the following U.S. History Courses, 3 cr. hrs.
HIST 204 Global Migration in U.S. History, 3 cr.
HIST 205 Women's History: United States, 3 cr.
HIST 206 Native Americans and the United States, 3 cr.
HIST 207 African American History, 3 cr.

Directed Electives 18 cr. hrs.

Choose two of the following advanced U.S. History Courses, 6 cr. hrs.
HIST 351 United States Colonial History I
HIST 352 United States Colonial History II
HIST 353 United States History: 1790-1850
HIST 354 United States History: Age of Growth
HIST 358 United States History 1890-1945
HIST 359 United States History from 1945
HIST 364 History of the Upper Midwest
HIST 365 American Environmental History
HIST 367 History of United States Foreign Policy
HIST 368 Social Movements in United States' History
HIST 369 American Intellectual History
HIST 402 History in Film
HIST 481 Material and Popular Culture

Choose two of the following advanced non-U.S. History courses, 6 cr. hrs.
HIST 303 Women's History: Europe
HIST 315 The World of Napoleon
HIST 316 The British Empire
HIST 317 Social Movements in Modern Britain
HIST 318 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 320 Ancient Rome
HIST 321 Early Middle Ages
HIST 322 The Renaissance
HIST 323 The Reformation
HIST 324 Early Modern Europe
HIST 325 Late Middle Ages
HIST 328 WWII to Cold War
HIST 332 The Islamic Middle East to 1500
HIST 333 Making of Global Exchange System to 1700
HIST 334 Modern China, 1800 to Present
HIST 335 Modern Japan, 1600 to Present
HIST 336 Traditional East Asia, Prehistory-1800
HIST 360 The Long Nineteenth Century: Europe
HIST 436 History of Colonial and Imperialism

Choose two advanced Electives (numbered 300 or higher) from the list above - that you have not yet taken, 6 cr.

Research and Historiography 3 cr. hrs.
HIST 485 History Seminar

General Education Requirements

BA and BS Liberal Arts majors as listed for CAS.
BS Education majors as listed for CEPS.

Department of History and Philosophy

307 Kleinpell Fine Arts

History: Zhiguo Yang-Chair, Ryan Fischer, Victoria Houseman, Kurt Leichtle, Kiril Petkov, Christopher Simer and Thomas White

Thomas Doyle, Imtiaz Moosa, David Peters and Walter Wietzke

The Department of History and Philosophy offers courses and degrees for those who wish to learn how to read, think and write effectively. A degree in history is excellent preparation for careers in business, advertising, government, foreign service, international relations, publications, journalism and human services. It also is indicated for those who wish to pursue a career specifically in the field of history including teaching at the elementary, secondary, or college level, or working in museums, archives and libraries. Students take courses in a variety of periods, areas and topics.

Majors are encouraged to participate in an internship program for practical preparation for a career. Various options are also offered for study abroad in other countries of the world as part of the degree.

Majors are strongly urged to take a course in Women's Studies to enhance their understanding of the human past.

The Broad Field Social Studies Major is recommended for secondary teachers in Wisconsin and Minnesota.