Distinguished Teacher

1969 - Virginia Akins

Virginia AkinsVirginia Akins is remembered by many alumni for her Great Ideas in Science courses, required of all seniors with non-science majors. The concept of this course and its companion courses, Great Ideas in Humanities and Social Sciences, was conceived in the early 1950s. As Great Issues evolved into Great Ideas, Akins continued with the science portion of the series.

In addition to encouraging students to accept the responsibility to consider scientific issues, Akin's other major challenge has been to advise as many as 200 pre-veterinary and pre-medicine students annually.

"I love it," said Akins. "I enjoy working one to one with students. It's been very satisfying to watch them grow and help them attain their goals. And part of the fun of it is following their careers and seeing them working at what they enjoy."

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