Distinguished Teacher

2008 - Travis Tubre

Tubre Travis

Psychology Associate Professor Travis Tubré has been named the 2008 Distinguished Teacher.

Chancellor Don Betz announced the selection Friday. The highest award that can be presented at UWRF, Distinguished Teachers are nominated by graduating seniors and recent graduates.

“I’m delighted that Travis Tubré has been selected as the 2008 Distinguished Teacher,” Betz said. “Travis’s devotion to his students and to his discipline are well known not only across the campus, but across the nation. He exhibits all of the qualities that we look for in an outstanding teacher and mentor.”
Students and alumni who nominated him wrote: “He is a favorite of many. His lectures are extremely interesting and informative. He teaches information that is useful and related to everyday life instead of facts we will forget in a couple weeks.” Another wrote, “Dr. Tubré is well liked by all and connects with his students on a personal level. He is a fine example of professor who cares about his teaching but finds a way to balance this with research and advising. In the classroom, he is able to keep any students’ attention with real life examples that relate to them.”

A recent graduate noted, “Throughout my four years at this institution I've been honored to study and work with many incredible people. Guiding students to higher levels of learning is something that Travis does successfully in the classroom on a daily basis by being extremely informed and organized, all while presenting information on a level that students identify with and gravitate towards. An example of how he selflessly guides students is expressed by the amount of time he spends coordinating research grants and opportunities for students to present at national conferences, as well as scenarios when he has personally arranged for students to experience graduate level course work at top regional programs.”
Tubré teaches an array of undergraduate and graduate courses specializing in human resources issues. His topic areas include general psychology, psychological foundations and measurement of employee selection, training and development, strategic and operational concerns of staffing, as well as research methods and behavioral statistics.
Tubré also is a prolific consultant and researcher, contributing through dozens of book chapters, in scholarly journals and professional presentations on such widely diverse topics as spatial learning in a simulated space station to job performance to aggressive driving.

He has also been an active contributor to the University in other ways. He served as a special assistant for strategic planning in the College of Arts and Sciences, chairs the CAS Curriculum Committee, and is the Faculty Senate liaison to the Academic Staff Council.
In other service to UWRF, he is co-adviser to the psychology club, student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, the Women’s La Crosse Club, and the McNair Scholars Program, which named him the program’s outstanding faculty mentor. He previously was named an outstanding adviser for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Tubré joined UWRF in June 2001 from the University of South Mississippi.

He holds a bachelor’s in psychology from University of Louisiana-Lafayette and his master’s and doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology from Texas A&M University.