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Common ECCP Courses

This is a list of courses students have taken through the Early College Credit Program at UWRF. It is not exhaustive, and other courses can be requested. This is simply a starting point. You must meet prerequisites for enrollment in some courses.

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Example Courses by Department

ACCT 231 Principles of Accounting 

AGED 202 Leadership & Group Dynamics

ANSC 100 Introduction to Animal Industries and Its Consumers

ANSC 111 Introduction to Animal Science

ANSC 115 Animal Welfare

ANSC 121 Companion Animals

ANSC 150 Introduction to Beef Cattle, Sheep, and Meat Goat Production

ANSC 168 Introduction to Equine Equitation

ANSC 257 Genetics

ANTH 100 Cultural Anthropology

ART 100 Intro to Visual Art

ART 211 World Art History Survey I: Prehistory to the Nineteenth Century

ART 212 World Art History Survey II: Modern to Contemporary Art and Architecture

ART 235 Introduction to Photography

ART 292 Introduction to Art Therapy

ART 329 Studio Glass

BIOL 110 Freshman Colloquium

BIOL 150 General Biology

BLAW  265 Business Law I

BLAW 266 Business Law II

CHEM 111 General Chemistry I

CHEM 112 General Chemistry II

CHEM 115 Concepts in General Chemistry 

CHEM 116 General Chemistry Laboratory I

CHEM 117 General Chemistry Laboratory II

CHEM 130 Introduction to Organic Chemistry

CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I

CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II

CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I

CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II

COMS 101 Fundamentals of Communication

COMS 106 Interpersonal Communication

COMS 308 Small Group Communication

COMS 316 Organizational Communication

CSD 160 Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders

CIDS 120 Technology and Cyberspace

CIDS 161 Programming I

CIDS 162 Programming II

CIDS 215 Information Systems for Business Management

CRIM 130 Crime, Law, and Society

CRIM 210 Criminal Behavior

DASC 106 Introduction to Dairy Production

ECON 100 Modern Economics

ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics

ENGL 100 Academic Reading and Writing

ENGL 105 Literature and Human Experience

ENGL 106 Literature: Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

ENGL 107 Heroes in Literature

ENGL 200 Investigating Ideas: Reading, Writing, and the Disciplines

ENGL 214 Women's Literature

ENGL 228 Literature and Environmental Justice

ENGL 230 International Short Fiction

ENGL 233 Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 262 Creative Writing

ENGL 381 Screenwriting

ESM 105 Introduction to Environmental Studies

ESM 107 Planning for a Sustainable Society

ESM 151 Introduction to Land Use, Theory, and Practice

EXSS 161 Introduction to Health & Human Performance

EXSS 266 Aerobic Exercise Leadership

GEOG 120 Human Geography

GEOG 212 Weather & Climate

GEOG 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Science

GEOL 101 Introduction to Geology

GEOL 150 Geological Perspectives of Gloval Change

GERM 101 Beginning German I

GERM 102 Beginning German II

GERM 202 Intermediate German II

If you're interested in health education, check out EXSS 161, Introduction to Health and Human Performance, listed under the Exercise and Sport Science section.

HIST 100 Defining Themes in US History

HIST 101 Origins of Civilization

HIST 102 History of the Modern World, 1500-Present

HIST 202 Introduction to Latin American Civilization

HIST 203 The Mediterranean: A Survey

HIST 209 Introduction to African History

HIST 211 History of Japan and Films

JAPN 101 Beginning Japanese I

JAPN 102 Beninning Japanese II 

JOUR 101 Introduction to Mass Communication

JOUR 240 Introduction to Visual Communication

MARC 200 Introduction to Marketing Communication

MARC 230 Introduction to Social Media Marketing Communications

MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing

MATH 146 College Algebra

MATH 147 College Algebra & Trigonometry

MATH 149 Precalculus

MATH 165 Calculus I with Early Transcendentals

MATH 166 Calculus I

MATH 167 Calculus II

MATH 225 Elementary Statistics

MATH 226 Fundamentals of Statistics

MATH 236 Discrete Mathematics

MATH 256 Linear Algebra

MATH 268  Calculus III

MATH 306 Number Theory

MATH 331 Differential Equations

MNGT 300 Management and Organizational Behavior

MNGT 370 Imagination and Creativity for Innovation

MUS 100 Understanding Music

MUS 102 Class Guitar

MUS 301 Composition

MUSA 120 Brass

MUSE 107 Falcon Band

MUSE 110 Women's Chorus

MUSE 111 St. Croix Symphony Orchestra

NSCI 111 Introduction to Neuroscience

PHIL 151 Living Issues in Philospphy

PHIL 220 Bioethics

PHIL 230 Logical Reasoning

PHIL 345 God, Religion, and Sciences

PE 108 Health & Fitness for Life

PE 118 Scuba

PHYS 114 Conceptual Physics

PHYS 117 Basic Astronomy

PHYS 131 Calculus-Based Physics I

PHYS 150 Science and Art

PHYS 211 Scientific Programming

PHYS 324 Acoustics

PLSC 161 Introduction to Plant Science

POLS 110 Controversies in Politics

POLS 114 American Government and Politics

POLS 212 The Politics of Equality & Inequality in the US

POLS 220 Introduction to Public Opinion and Political Behavior

POLS 260 Introduction to International Relations

PSYC 101 General Psychology

PSYC 245 Lifepsan Development

PSYC 250 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PSYC 260 Behavior Modification

PSYC 289 Special Topics in Psychology

SASA 100 Dance Appreciation

SASA 112 Introduction to Storytelling with Digital Media

SASA 337 History of Theatre

SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology

SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I

SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 301 Spanish Composition & Conversation I

SPAN 302 Spanish Composition & Coversation II

SPAN 373 Spanish Translation for the Professions

SPAN 401 Advanced Spanish Communication

SOWK 150 Introduction to the Social Work Experience

SOWK 215 Human Behavior in Social Environment

SPED 330 Introduction to Special Education

TED 100 Introduction to Teaching

FDSC 110 Science of Food

FDSC 113 Introduction to Food Science Laboratory

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