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Working in collaboration with university, community and business partners, the UWRF Continuing Education office offers classes and training for business professionals who want to develop strong worksforce skills and knowledge to facilitate their career.


Growing Up Transgender Workshop

Better understand the intricacies of the LGBTQ community. Define and explore concepts in an open environment where you will be able to ask questions. Participate in this interactive approach navigating the complexities of a misunderstood population.

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Noncredit Online Classes

Learn a marketable skill to get ahead in your career. Explore something new for personal enrichment. Satisfy a professional requirement. And do it all from the comfort of your home or office.

Career, Professional, and Certification training

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Personal Enrichment, Hobby, and Skills training

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Additional Featured Courses

Bookkeeping Administration

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts and uses of accounting in a business environment. The primary areas of study in this course include analysis of business transactions, recording procedures and the use of ledgers and journals, accounting for sales and purchases, managing cash, payroll, accruals and deferrals, and preparation and analysis of basic financial statements.

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Business Management and Organizational Leadership Career Prep

Today’s managers need to be equipped with the right skills to deal with the growing number of challenges facing them. This course includes dealing with the competition, coping with ethical dilemmas, identifying and hiring talent, managing diversity, building sustainability, and adapting to the latest technology.

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