Pre-Veterinary Curriculum

The program shown exceeds the minimum requirements for admission to some veterinary colleges, including UW-Madison and the University of Minnesota. Based on the experiences of its many successful pre-veterinary students, the university recommends that students complete the full program in order to be better prepared for veterinary school.

Recommended Curriculum

To meet veterinary school course requirements it is suggested that you follow a curriculum similar to that outlined below: (The exact courses and the sequence of courses will vary some with your major, see the Academic Plan for your major for a more detailed description)

Freshman Year

  • ENGL 100 (Academic Reading/ Writing)
  • MATH 146 (College Algebra)
  • MATH 147 (College Algebra and Trigonometry)
  • CHEM 121 (General Chemistry I and Lab I)
  • CHEM 122 (General Chemistry II and Lab II)
  • BIOL 150 (General Biology)
  • ANSC 111 (Introduction to Animal Science)
  • ANSC 121 (Companion Animals) Work on General Education requirements.

Sophomore Year

  • ENGL 200 (Investigating Ideas: Reading, Writing, and the Disciplines)
  • CHEM 231 & 236 (Organic Chemistry I and Lab I)
  • CHEM 232 & 237 (Organic Chemistry II and Lab II)
  • BIOL 230 (General Zoology)
  • BIOL 240 (Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • ANSC 231 (Principles of Nutrition)
  • ANSC 232 (Applied Feeds & Feeding) (not required, but may be appropriate)
  • Continue with General Education requirements

Junior Year

  • CHEM 361 (Biochemistry I)
  • PHYS 151 & 156 (General Physics I and Lab I)
  • PHYS 152 & 157 (General Physics II and Lab II)
  • ANSC 257 (Genetics) or Biology 350 (Genetics and Evolution)
  • ANSC 341 (Biometrics) or Math 216 (Statistics)
  • BIOL 324 (Microbiology)
  • ANSC 345 (Animal Health) (not required, but recommended)
  • Continue with General Education requirements 4th YEAR

Complete senior year at River Falls or first year in veterinary school. If a senior at River Falls, complete college and major/minor requirements.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisor:

Dr. Scott Ballantyne
Biology Department 
405 Agricultural Science Building

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