What is the Science and Technology
Innovation Center | SciTech?

The Science and Technology Innovation Center will be a new type of facility which will provide immersive high-impact learning experiences for our students and support productive collaborations with regional and Wisconsin businesses.

This proposed new facility is critical to addressing outdated science facilities and ensuring UW-River Falls is able to effectively educate students by providing an affordable and high-quality education, by increasing undergraduate research opportunities, and by meeting industry demand in Wisconsin’s high growth industries. The facility will have an impact on the entire campus, serving students from a wide range of majors.

The case for SciTech on the UW-River Falls campus is not about a building – it’s about the future…possibilities, engagement and growth…opportunities for students, faculty, staff…viability and vitality for communities, businesses and the Western Wisconsin region.

UW-River Falls seeks support from the State of Wisconsin for the facilities needed to support economic growth in STEM fields.

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Feasibility Study and Project Program


Feasibility Study

Project Program



Building the Talent Pipeline

Nearly 60 percent of UWRF students take at least one lab course. The facility will play a vital role in supporting economic growth in this region of the state (not just Madison/Milwaukee) and will be of value to the development of regional businesses by fostering collaboration with faculty/students and providing an innovation space, thus reinforcing our role in the Wisconsin talent pipeline.

60% of students will take at least one course SciTech by graduation

Collaboration with Business and Industry

The new facility will offer a UW-River Falls/Business Innovation Collaboration Space to support internships and incubation of joint university-business projects.

  • Collaborative product development from ideation through engineering and prototyping
  • Material and chemical analysis
  • University/industry collaborative research projects in science-related fields
  • Computer aided design
  • 3D printing
  • Product prototyping using tools and tables in the maker space
  • Public access to materials and equipment to foster regional innovation and entrepreneurship

25% of UWRF students are taking at least one lab this year 8% growth in WI STEM jobs over the next 10 years

41% growth rate in St. Croix County 40% growth in new freshman enrollment in STEM/health majors

35% of UWRF seniors have engaged in research with faculty