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Mathematics Education Graduate Program

Who Should Enroll

  • Certified teachers of secondary-level mathematics with at least one year of teaching experience

Key Features

  • Degree can be completed in three years
  • Best teaching practices and pedagogical content knowledge are emphasized
  • Emphasis on innovative use of emerging technologies


  • Engage with other mathematics educators in a professional learning community
  • Explore new areas of mathematics to develop new curriculum for your school
  • Teach transcripted courses at your high school upon completion of the degree
  • Study content related to calculus and statistics to teach an AP course


Degree Requirements for Master of Science in Education in Mathematics


There are two different options that students can complete in order to satisfy the requirements of the degree. They can either complete a Capstone option (34 credits) or a Research option (31 credits). Both options require 24 credits in mathematics content work for educators as well as three credits related to emerging technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Graduate course schedule is listed below. For more information on these courses, visit Degree Requirements for Master of Science in Education in Mathematics.



Director of the Program

Dr. Erick Hofacker
Mathematics Department
214c North Hall

Conference Presentations

Student Testimonials

"The Masters program has pushed me further with additional tools and strategies, and I highly recommend it to current teachers who would like to stay connected to a refreshing academic environment that will challenge you in a positive way." - Shawn Breidenstein (2020 Graduate)

"The Graduate Mathematics Education program was an excellent extension of my undergraduate program. The graduate program gave me the opportunity to challenge myself mathematically and also gave me the space to work with my peers and collaborate on topics we had been teaching for years. The collaboration brought us new strategies and methodology in how we approach mathematics in our classrooms. The graduate program was particularly great for me since it was spread out over multiple years and allowed me to plan around my teaching during the school year. The Graduate Mathematics Education program at University of Wisconsin, River Falls, is a program I would recommend to any math teacher, regardless of what age, grade, or level you teach. There is something for everyone in this program, and the work I did is something I take with me into every classroom I teach in today." - Brock Beithon (2019 Graduate)

"The Mathematics MSE program allowed me to connect with high quality professors and teachers in area school districts who are all motivated to better the field of mathematics education. I have formed lasting relationships that have turned into resources. The courses that you participate in will provide you with opportunities and resources that you will actually take back to your own classroom and you can actually use to better your instruction and student success with mathematics. The entire program was designed to work with the schedule of a teacher and provided for onsite opportunities to collaborate, discuss, and grow with other teachers." - Nicholas Bergeron (2020 Graduate)

"The Graduate program at UWRF for math education was phenomenal! I loved that it was designed with a teacher in mind - no driving to class right after a long day of teaching. Instead, classes were during the week in the summer and Saturdays in spring fitting well with my teaching schedule. The professors are amazing -- so knowledgeable and design everything with a teacher in mind. I enhanced my math content knowledge as well as learned some new instructional strategies throughout the program. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get a Master's in Math Education!" - Laura Breidenstein (2020 Graduate)

"I found my experience with the UWRF Mathematics MSE program to be both valuable and highly enjoyable! Getting to collaborate with some of the best educational professionals in the field made me challenge myself as both a math learner and a math teacher. I truly believe that the Mathematics MSE program helped mold me into a more responsive and effective math teacher" - Lillian Hart-Usher (2019 Graduate)

Contact Us


Department of Mathematics
Laurel Langford, Department Chair
207 North Hall
410 S. 3rd Street, River Falls, WI 54022-5001


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