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The Falcon Annual Fund

The Falcon Annual Fund is the university's unrestricted fund used to assist the Foundation in meeting the priorities of UW-River Falls. Resources help support innovative academic programs, curriculum and classroom technology improvements, scholarship program management, and alumni communications.

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Through the years it has become more difficult for students to afford to attend college. More students are taking out loans than ever before. Since 2001 the amount of students borrowing Federal Stafford Loans has increase by 12% and the number continues to rise.

Increase in Student Federal Loans

Source: College Board Advocacy & Policy Center

In September the Falcon Class of 2020 arrived, providing new energy to the campus and fresh hopes, dreams, and aspirations. They are joined by our equally excited returning students for another year of stimulating classes, research opportunities, education abroad experience, and chances for campus and community engagement. Your support of the Falcon Annual Fund supports these ambitions and more.

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Raquel Hansen
'94 graduate and annual donor

"It's not about the money or the recognition. It is about the gift you give someone, so they can experience their education in a way they otherwise couldn't without my help." Read more...

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