Years of Service and Retirements

Years of Service and Retirements

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls values the contributions individual employees have made to its success. Excellence is achieved by the dedication of each individual. Length of service awards are based on the years to UW-River Falls and to the State of Wisconsin. The following employees who reached a milestone year (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45) in 2023 are listed below. 

The Years of Service recipients listed below will be recognized at the fall 2023 Opening Meeting on August 28. 

The process for honoring recent retirees is being reviewed and additional details will be shared at a later date.

If you have a question regarding how years of service numbers are figured, please call Human Resources at 715-425-3382.

Years of Service Honorees

45 Years
Linda Matzek - Registrar's Office

40 Years
Deb Toftness - University Communications and Marketing

35 Years
Pascal Ngoboka - Economics
Brian Smith - Plant and Earth Science
Joseph Hagedorn - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
Charles Corcoran - Accounting and Finance

30 Years
Kristin Tjornehoj - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
Geoffrey Scheurman - Teacher Education

25 Years
Steven Kelm - Animal and Food Science
Steven Stocker - Athletics
Yunge Dutton - Admissions
Andris Straumanis - Communication and Media Studies
Peter Rayne - Animal and Food Science
Lisa Kroutil - Chemistry and Biotechnology
Dawn Hukai - Accounting and Finance
Patti Cudd - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
David Bonko - Marketing Communications
Erick Hofacker - Mathematics
Nathan Oconnor - Animal and Food Science

20 Years
Angela Whitaker - Continuing Education
Sarah Hansen - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
Joshua See - Technology Services
Jason Meyer - Residence Life
Kelly Browning - Registrar's Office
Sean Mckuras - Athletics
Megan Sun - Accounting and Finance
Kathleen Hunzer - Academic Affairs
Julie Stucky - University Advancement
Susan Bischof - Facilities Management
Esekiel Mendoza - Heating Plant

15 Years
Todd Savage - Counseling and School Psychology
Jody Sather - Psychological Sciences
Angus McKechnie - College of Education and Professional Studies
Elizabeth Johnston - English
David Scamp - Building Maintenance
Todd Wilkinson - Psychological Sciences
Paul Shirilla - Health and Human Performance
Magara Maeda - Modern Language
Arriety Lowell - Physics
Erik Johnson - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
Cheng-Chen Huang - Biology
Stacy Furness - Health and Human Performance
John Fischer - History and Philosophy
Grace Coggio - Communication and Media Studies
Melanie Ayres - Psychological Sciences
Geraldine Padellford - Continuing Education
Mark Huttemier - Counseling and Health Services
Karen Knapton - CHILD Center Daycare
Amber Wirth - CHILD Center Daycare

10 Years
Margret Krasin - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
Karl Fleury - Police Department/Parking
Shane O'Malley-Potting - Technology Services
Jessica Wekkin - Exploratory and Tutoring Services
Craig Homan - Building Maintenance
Leanne Van Allen - Business Administration
Matthew Quade - Facilities Management
John Schellhorn - Police Department/Parking
Tanya Armstrong - Police Department/Parking
William Erickson - Computer, Information and Data    Sciences
Kurt Torgersen - Chemistry and Biotechnology
Dwight Swenson - Continuing Education
Todd Mueske - English
Ivan Konev - Music and Stage and Screen Arts
Sierra Howry - Agricultural Economics
Jennifer Hafer - Economics
Kenneth Giske - Animal and Food Science
James Cortright -
Psychological Sciences
Melisa Rivera - Teacher Education
Wendy Riester - Agricultural Education
Michael King - Technology Services
Vanessa Luther - International Education
Debra Hare - Continuing Education
Amanda Collura - Registrar's Office