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Due to the University's decision to keep our campus community safe during this unprecedented time, all staff will be holding virtual appointments for the fall term. We are committed as much as ever to provide the necessary support to current and future students in a prompt and efficient manner. Please reach out to us by emailing

For more details regarding how COVID-19 is impacting overall campus functions, please review the following website

Shelter-In-Place and Temporary Remote Learning Order

The Ability Services Office will be open from 8:00 am-4:30 pm daily during this time. No student drop-ins or visitors will be allowed. This order will cause no disruptions in day-to-day use of services as it pertains to the determination and arrangement of academic accommodations. 

Disability Housing Accommodation Request Update in Response to Shelter-in-Place and Temporary Remote Learning Order 

As result of the shelter-in-place order and the shift to remote learning for the next two weeks, requests for disability-related housing accommodations will be temporarily halted to ensure safety parameters are fully maintained in the Residence Halls. As of Monday, October 5th, the Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Committee, will determine if/when these requests may resume.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Alicia Reinke-Tuthill, Manager of Ability Services (

Safety Protocols for Students with Underlying Health Conditions During the Shelter-in-Place Order 

As of Friday, September 18th, a Shelter-in-Place Order was issued on campus. As a result of this order, the total number of residents in the halls have been reduced during this two-week period.  

If you have a diagnosed condition like (Type I Diabetes, Seizures, etc.) that may require emergency treatment in the Residence Halls, please identify a safe alternative safety plan that does not involve the use of other residents. Residents should not develop safety plans that involve roommates or other residents as a core element of their plan. Residents who use devices like the Dexcom app for glucose monitoring or the Embrace Emergency device for tonic-clonic seizure activity, should come to campus with an appropriate safety plan. Other residents should not be asked to have access to apps or other technology that involve another resident’s glucose monitoring levels or seizure activity. 

Roommates or other residents should not be expected to be responsible for administering glucagon injections or first-aid seizure care. However, talk to your roommate about your condition and inform them of the necessary safety steps if an emergency occurs. Residents will be asked to call 911, in lieu of administering any medication or first-aid care.  

If your previous safety plan involved a resident who is no longer living in the Residence Halls, please take the time to revisit your plan with your family and health care provider. 

Ability Services

Ability Services

Fostering Independence, Reducing Barriers, & Promoting Inclusion

The Ability Services Office continues to provide services to UWRF students during alternative instruction. Students will be asked to email the Ability Services Office at to inquire about setting up a remote, virtual meeting if new discussion beyond email is needed. If a student has completed the New Student Application and is seeking new accommodations, a virtual intake meeting will need to be scheduled. Once a time is agreed upon, a meeting invite will be sent to the student's UWRF email from an Ability Services staff.  There is more information on Virtual Meetings shown below.

Campus Collaboration

While all courses have temporarily moved to an online format, recognize that creating accommodations meant for in-person instruction will take a creative and collaborative effort by students, faculty, and Ability Services staff. The Ability Services office is connecting with relevant campus stakeholders to ensure reasonable accommodation needs are met during this time. 

If you have concerns about reasonable accommodations during the alternative instruction time period, please email Alicia Reinke-Tuthill, Manager of Ability Services.  If you'd rather leave a messge, please call 715-425-0740.

New to the office and wondering who we are?

The Ability Services office honors student abilities with equal access.

The mission of the Ability Services office is to arrange equal access and opportunity for students in the way of academic accommodations, inclusivity, and accessibilty in the campus community and culture.

Ability Services serves students with a documented disability who need to arrange academic accommodations for their classes. A disability under ADA may include ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury, PTSD, or a physical, sensory, psychological, or learning disability, etc.

Please see the Future Students Page on the left column to learn more about the process of arranging accommodations. For a basic overview of our office, what to expect, and information on reasonable accommodations, check out the Information to Know for New Students.

What is an accommodation?

An accommodation is typically an adjustment in the way things are done, not an adjustment in the curriculum. An accommodation could be a different way to receive important information for a course, such as using an audio textbook in conjunction with the hardcopy. It could also be a different way to do important things such as having additional time to take tests.

Getting Started 

  1. Complete the New Student Application
  2. New Student Application

  3. Submit Documentation with the application if possible. 
  4. Email the Ability Services Office to set-up an intake appointment
Application Hints:
  • Username: Use your Student I.D. number, otherwise known as your W# (Example: w3xxxxxx). 
  • Use your UWRF assigned email address on the application. Emails are formatted as such:

Remote, Virtual Meeting Details

Meeting for the following purposes should be scheduled in advance by emailing Alicia Reinke-Tuthill or Ability Services staff. Please provide 2 meeting options Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Your meeting time will be confirmed by the following business day.

  • Academic Accommodation Intake
  • Housing Accommodation Intake
  • Follow-Up
  • Review current accommodations
  • Problem-Solve Concerns
  • Check-Ins

Suggested meeting platforms - both are free and can be used with your computer, iOS, or Android. The preferred meeting method would be on your computer in order for the Ability Services staff to share screen information with you during the meeting.

Approved For Accommodations? 

  1. Go to our Current Students page
  2. Click on the A.S. Connect button to login to your student account
  3. Sign-in using your W# number and password

Accommodations for

UWRF Placement Testing

If you request accommodations a placement test under non-standard conditions due to a disability, do not register online. Instead, send a letter on high school letterhead from a teacher, counselor, or principal describing the appropriate accommodations you need.

With the letter, please include:

  1. Your address and telephone number
  2. Which site you would like to test at
  3. Which UW campus you plan to enroll

Email this information to, or mail to:

Tim O'Connor, 1025 West Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53706

123 David Rodli Hall

East of Centennial Science Hall 

Prospective and Fall 2020 students:

Complete the New Student Application on this page.  While we work remotely, please make an Intake appointment by emailing the Ability Services office. If possible, please provide two available meeting times. You will be contacted by Alicia Reinke-Tuthill to confirm your appointment. 

Onboard Training for Incoming Students (New)
Returning students with approved accommodations at UWRF:

Prior to the start of each new term, request your Faculty Notification Letters from Ability Services. It's recommended you share your accommodations with your professors early in order to provide you the best support.

If you have a new diagnosis or would like to discuss a change in approved accommodations, please make an appointment with Ability Services staff to initiate a review for eligible accommodations. 

Enrolled students at UWRF with a new diagnosis or an intent to request accommodations:

During Fall and Spring semesters, requests for accommodations need to be completed approximately 5 weeks before the end of the term. Any requests made past the deadline will be at the discretion of the Ability Services Manager to determine if accommodations can be offered for the rest of the semester. For more information on this deadline, please click here, Policies, and review the "Accommodation Deadline Request Policy." 

Important dates to watch during the semester:

Term Deadlines: Last day to add a class, drop a class, register for graduation, registration for various term courses, breaks (no classes), finals, etc.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Celebrating 30 Years

July 26, 2020 - Striving to get it right!

Equal Access for Students

Fostering Independence, Reducing Barriers, & Promoting Inclusion


Ability Services

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