Chancellor’s Academic Staff and Limited Appointee Excellence Awards

2013- Kristen Allen (posthumously)


The 2013 Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Academic Staff was awarded to Kristen Allen.  Kristen was an employee at UWRF since 2003.  Her most recent position was an outreach program manager and assistant outreach director and helped to manage a number of programs aimed at off-campus leaners. 

Katrina Larsen shared that Kris always exhibited true leadership.  She would think deeply and thoroughly and asked the tough questions while being respectful of those around her.  She went on to say that Kris lived the university's strategic goals.  She always strived to improve and build distinctive programs with students at the core.  She was involved in global activities over the course of her time at UWRF. 

Kris was instrumental in getting the Sustainable Management Online Bachelor's Completion Program (SMGT) started.  It was one of the first collaborative degree programs of its type in the UW System.  Kris worked closely with academic directors, both at UWRF and other campuses, faculty from multiple UWRF colleges, Admissions, Registrar, Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid and DoTS. The SMGT program received the UW-Extension Chancellor's Award of Excellence in 2010 and the University Continuing Education Association named SMGT the 2010 Outstanding Program-Credit. 

Katie Chaffee, a community member who worked with Kris on various boards and committees, spoke of how Kris supported our community in many ways, bringing both the intellectual and physical resources of the University to serve many, many organizations.  Also saying that Kris was the perfect "outreach person" for the University, a questing and questioning individual with a curious, open mind and a zealot's view of the importance of education.