Chancellor’s Academic Staff and Limited Appointee Excellence Awards

2017 - Laura Walsh

Laura had numerous and prolific letters of support from faculty, colleagues, alumni and emeriti that it was clear that Laura excels at each of her countless duties and responsibilities, and is “one of the most helpful and supportive persons” on campus, helping “students, staff, and faculty with ease.” Called an “exemplary employee,” and “a caring and supportive supervisor,” Laura is also characterized as someone who is often found, and is possibly most comfortable, delivering success from behind the scenes.

Her responsibilities encompass an extremely broad range of duties, from coordinating facilities projects on campus and at the lab farms, to supporting the awarding of student scholarships; from managing public relations and authoring public communications to helping with research proposal development and obtaining grants. Laura is known for her “professionalism, loyalty, sense of fairness, and work ethic.”

Laura is described as “focused, organized, and dedicated,” “indispensable,” and a wearer of “so many hats that it is often hard to even know what her true job responsibilities are.” She is a “quiet leader,” “excellent listener,” and a “kind-spirited person.” In addition to her administrative duties, Laura supports new student recruitment by going out of her way to make visiting and new students feel welcome. Not only does the Admissions staff genuinely enjoy working with Laura, prospective students and family members do as well.

Laura also plays an integral role in other notable functions of the CAFES program, often spending evenings and weekends engaged in outreach activities. Of special note is her dedication to alumni engagement and involvement. Her efforts and direct participation in alumni gatherings around the state and at events like Farm Tech Days and the World Dairy Expo, have made CAFES the most alumni-involved college at the university. Laura’s contributions have helped keep more than 3,000 alumni engaged which is key to continued academic and financial support of the CAFES program.

Laura Walsh