Chancellor’s Academic Staff and Limited Appointee Excellence Awards

1988 – Carole Ryan

Carole Ryan1988 - Carole Ryan

Student Activities Director Carole Ryan has been named the Fourth Division Award winner at UW-River Falls.

The award is presented annually to a member of the university's professional support staff who is not assigned to a college in recognition of their contribution to the institution.

Ryan becomes the fourth person to win the award in its three-year history. It previously was bestowed on Registrar Melvin Germanson and Academic Computing programmers Daniel Lunderville and Beverly Shepherd.

A committee that reviewed the nominations noted that "Carole Ryan's administrative functions are numerous. The stated responsibilities of developing, administering and supervising a variety of programs within the student center and satellite facilities require the fine art of delegation and follow-up. Her role modeling of enthusiasm and support for all campus programs serve to inspire her students and staff."

In her role as Student Activities Director, Ryan provides professional assistance and direction to the Hagestad Union Board, Concerts and Lectures Committee, Student Senate, Greek Council, and some 110 student organizations. In addition, she works with the International Program and assists foreign national students with programming, policies and government paperwork.

In accepting the award, Ryan noted it reflected "the accomplishments of the people who work with and for me. We worked hard this year, and it reflects on their work as well as mine."

Ryan, who is a graduate of Menominee High School, received her bachelor's degree from UW-Madison. She joined the university in 1981 as assistant director of student activities and was appointed director the following year.