Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

UW Extended AAS (UWX)

UWX AN100 Introduction to Anthropology
UWX AR104 Introduction to Graphic Design and Digital Art
UWX AR175 Worlds of Art
UWX AS100 Survey of Astronomy
UWX BL101 Concepts of Biology
UWX BL285 Anatomy and Physiology I
UWX BU101 Introduction to Business
UWX CH114 Chemistry in the Kitchen
UWX CH140 General Chemistry I - Lab
UWX CH144 General Chemistry I - Lecture
UWX CM101 Introduction to Public Speaking
UWX CM213 Intercultural Communication
UWX CS130 Introduction to Programming
UWX EC203 Macroeconomics
UWX EC204 Microeconomics
UWX ED230 Educational Psychology
UWX EN098 Introduction to College Writing
UWX EN101 College Writing and Critical Reading
UWX EN102 Critical Writing and Research
UWX EN203 Creative Writing
UWX EN210 Business Communication
UWX EN250 Introduction to Literature
UWX EN278 Multicultural Literature in the United States
UWX ES105 Introduction to Environmental Studies
UWX FN210 Personal Finance
UWX GE170 Disasters: Living on the Edge
UWX GS101 Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
UWX HE209 Nutrition and Weight Management
UWX HS102 US History Since 1877
UWX HS127 The World in the 20th Century
UWX LB103 Diversity in the US
UWX MA091 Elementary Algebra
UWX MA093 Intermediate Algebra
UWX MA108 Quantitative Reasoning
UWX MA113 Trigonometry
UWX MA116 College Algebra
UWX MA117 Elementary Statistics
UWX MA221 Calculus I
UWX MU278 Rock and Roll Roots
UWX PH121 Critical Thinking
UWX PH237 Technology, Values and Society
UWX PL104 Introduction to American Government and Politics
UWX PS101 General Psychology
UWX PS250 Lifespan Psychology
UWX RE101 Introduction to Religion
UWX SC101 Introduction to Sociology
UWX SC222 Race and Ethnicity
UWX SC231 Crime and Criminal Justice
UWX SP101 First Semester Spanish
UWX SP102 Second Semester Spanish
UWX SS310 Media Literacy