Strategic Plan Progress Committee

The Strategic Plan Progress Committee is charged with monitoring and communicating progress on the plan.

2018-19 Membership
David Travis, Dale Gallenberg, Mialisa Moline, Rosemary Pechous, Grace Coggio, Stacy Karl, Wendy Stocker

2017-18 Membership
Faye Perkins, Dale Gallenberg, Mialisa Moline, Abby Wendt, Grace Coggio, Stacy Karl, Wendy Stocker

2016-17 Membership
Faye Perkins, Dale Gallenberg, Mialisa Moline, Christopher Morgan, Robin Murray, Jen Drews, Wendy Stocker

2015-16 Membership
Fernando Delgado, James Graham, Marina Onken, Dale Gallenberg, Wendy Helm, Christopher Morgan

2014-15 Membership
Fernando Delgado, David Rainville, Melissa Wilson, Dale Gallenberg, Wendy Helm, Anthony Sumnicht

2013-14 Membership
Fernando Delgado, David Rainville, Kristine Butler, Dale Gallenberg, Wendy Helm, Samuel Tauchen

2012-13 Membership
Fernando Delgado, Wes Chapin, Marshall Toman, Dale Gallenberg, Wendy Helm, Bobbi O'Brien

Passed in Motion 74 of the 2011-2012 Faculty Senate
December 14, 2011

The Strategic Plan Progress Committee (SPPC) replaces the 2012-2017 Assessment Task Force, and the Strategic Planning Coordinating Group and the University Planning Group when their work concludes during the 2011-2012 academic year. The membership was filled with the exception of the student and the faculty member by motion 2012-13/1.


  • Manage, assess, and communicate progress in implementing the 2012-2017 strategic plan.
    Specific Responsibilities and Duties:
    The responsibility of the Strategic Plan Assessment and Communication Task Force is to:
  • Monitor, assess and report progress on goals and initiatives, including measurable outcomes/key performance indicators.
  • Identify specific initiatives of the strategic plan that should be prioritized on an annual basis, and to articulate responsibility, timelines, and specific work products for the priority initiatives. These priority initiatives will be submitted to Faculty Senate for vote and to the Chancellor for consideration/approval.
  • Manage documents related to the strategic plan goals, initiatives, and accomplishments.
  • Facilitate strong and regular communication of strategic plan progress to the campus and broader community by:
    • Developing and ensuring the implementation of a plan for regularly updating the campus on progress, including recognizing and celebrating success, on at least a monthly basis (during the academic year).
    • Producing an annual written assessment report that is submitted to Faculty Senate and the Chancellor, and is communicated to the campus community in an effective and transparent manner.
    • Plan and host an annual strategic planning retreat to review and discuss progress and challenges on the strategic plan, and to inspire on-going and broad ownership of the plan.

Membership (annual terms with goal to have some members serve multi-year terms to ensure continuity):

  • One member of the Cabinet appointed by the Chancellor (chair).
  • Faculty Senate Chair (vice-chair).
  • One additional faculty member to be appointed by Faculty Senate.
  • One tenured academic administrator appointed by the Provost.
  • One academic staff member appointed by the Chancellor in consultation with the Chair of Academic Staff Council and approved by Faculty Senate.
  • One student appointed by the Student Senate.
  • One support staff (ex-officio, non-voting) to manage meetings, materials, follow up (invited by the administrative chair)

Also, from time to time, representatives from areas such as institutional research, university communications, etc. may be invited to meetings to support the Task Force.