Progress Measurement Diagram

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Where are we going?

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals are based on our Mission, Vision, and Values. They are a constant through the life of the plan.

How will we get there?

Strategic Initiatives Operational Goals

Strategic Initiatives (projects) and Annual Operational Goals of colleges/units, departments and individuals (based on Strategic Goals), may change from year to year. We monitor progress of completion of initiatives through progress reporting and dashboards. Once achieved or implemented, they should translate into results.

Are we on the right path?
Did we reach our destination?


At the conception of the plan, we identify metrics (data), that relate to our Strategic Goals. We set targets that represent our desired destination. Periodically, we review the data to see if completed strategic initiatives and operational activities are "turning the dial" in the right direction for the metrics that matter to us. If not, we may need to adjust our initiatives or operational activities accordingly.