Building the Plan

Building the Plan

UW-River Falls has developed an ambitious, forward-thinking Strategic Plan that builds on its strengths and past strategic planning efforts. Below is the process for developing (2011-2012) and implementing and assessing (2012-2020) Pathway to Distinction.

Pre-Planning Development Implementation & Assessment

Report on Living the Promise

Establish Planning Structure

Draft Process

Develop Communication Plan

Approve Process

Establish Vision

Reaffirm Mission & Values

External Environmental Scan

SWOT Analysis

Define Strategic Direction-Goals

Develop Strategic Initiatives

Draft Planning Document

Define Implementation Structure & Process

Develop Communication Plan

Determine Assessment

Celebrate Success


The 2012-2017 Pathway to Distinction strategic plan was extended through 2020 by a unanimous vote by Faculty Senate on September 16, 2015.

Faculty Senate Motion: The university continues to affirm Pathway to Distinction and the lifespan of the plan should be extended three years, with a life cycle to end on June 30, 2020. The mission statement, values, and goals remain the same and the initiative process and progress measures continue to be managed and monitored by the Strategic Planning Progress Committee as established by previous Faculty Senate motions and approved by the UWRF Chancellor.