Strategic Plan Initiatives: 2016-2017

Accelerating Innovation-This initiative seeks to build a culture of innovation at UW-River Falls by creating spaces for students to explore, design and execute and a Certificate in Innovation as proof of mastery of those skills. The Certificate in Innovation will be offered to any degree-seeking undergraduate student. This initiative will provide a platform for students, staff, faculty and external stakeholders to engage collaboratively in the innovation process.Students determine their level of participation through involvement in various curricular and co-curricular options. The Certificate courses include innovation thinking, innovation design, and innovation diffusion. Standing on the leading edge of the Maker Movement, UW-River Falls can enhance its brand by embracing the Makerspace concept to provide students with the knowledge and tools to make great things happen.

Brazil Study Tour-Brazil is emerging as a major agricultural competitor and key trading partner for the United States. This study tour will expose students with agricultural interests to the opportunities and threats posed by Brazilian agriculture.  The tour would take place during spring break, to coincide with harvest and post-harvest activities in Brazil and would include pre- and post-travel instructional time. We would like to partner with regional agribusinesses on this initiative.  

Faculty Grant Writing-This initiative makes limited funds available to selected UWRF faculty and instructional academic staff that write extramural grant applications during FY 16-17. Those interested would submit an application to the Grants & Research Office. Funds will be limited to a maximum of $5,000 per application. Applications for these funds can be used to support writing an extramural funding opportunity that supports our campus strategic plan goals and metrics; extramural funding opportunity of $150,000 or more; and an extramural funding opportunity that includes indirect costs.