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Strategic Plan Initiatives: 2013-2014

  • China Ag University - China Ag University, located in Beijing, is the premier agricultural institution in China. UWRF and CAU representatives have signed a Memorandum of Understanding encouraging student and faculty exchanges. This initiative will play a key role in facilitating those exchanges through support of faculty/staff in Dairy Science.  While the initial focus is on Dairy Science, successful implementation of exchanges will lead to significant opportunities for other programs across UWRF.

  • Dairy Plant Marketing –Enhance marketing opportunities for products manufactured by the Dairy Pilot Plant at UWRF in order to increase its revenue from product sales, and help it remain viable as an operating entity.  Specific focus will be on marketing its signature cheeses and ice creams.  Another purpose is to enhance learning in the proposed Marketing course in the Agricultural Business program, through using Dairy Plant products as the focus of student team projects.

  • ENGL 200 Fellows – Foster improved writing skills by linking ENGL 200 in a more direct way to a student’s major subject area.  This initiative also provides opportunity for cooperation between interested instructors in the discipline and instructors of ENGL 200.

  • PES Course and Program Revision - Enhance courses in a way that increases the critical thinking, active learning and multidisciplinary nature of courses involved in the realignment of four majors within the Plant and Earth Science Department - Conservation, Environmental Science, Community Planning, and Geology – along with portions of another program - Crop and Soil Science.

  • ZISU 1+1+2 - Develop a 1+1+2 program with Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU).  The primary target group will be students enrolled in ZISU's School of Education Science Elementary Education program but also might include students from their School of Chinese Language and Culture.  This program could draw 25-30 sophomore exchange students each year for whom the primary outcomes would include: 1) increased English language proficiency, 2) increased knowledge of U.S. schools, 3) increased knowledge of U.S. peoples and cultures,  4) knowledge of developmental science, and 5) knowledge of U.S. pedagogical practices in elementary schools.  UWRF students and staff would have the opportunity to learn from and about the Chinese students and their culture. The program could be a feeder to other UWRF programs beyond education, and language and culture.