Pathway to Distinction

Pathway to Distinction

Pathway to Distinction

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

It has been an honor to witness the evolution of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls strategic plan: Pathway to Distinction. This eight-year plan, developed through a highly participatory process, was launched in 2012, signaling an important moment in the university's history. Pathway to Distinction builds upon the historic strengths and values of our campus, yet has at its core a commitment to advance the university and boldly define its distinctiveness.

Pathway to Distinction serves as our road map as we navigate challenges such as declining state support, increased reliance on student tuition and fees, a highly competitive marketplace, and transformational and global changes in technology, demography, and the environment. Having a strategic plan allows us to make hard choices, allocate scarce resources, continually measure and assess our progress, and celebrate our success.

The university has committed itself to a plan that is unique and courageous. Although colleges and universities routinely engage in planning, it is rare for such organizations to develop a strategic plan that is truly focused and aspirational. There is a temptation to be "all things to all people"—a goal that is simply unachievable in public higher education today. We must instead sustain, highlight and build those areas and programs of excellence that make UW-River Falls distinctive.

With an unwavering commitment to teaching, mentoring, and engaging students, through Pathway to Distinction, UW-River Falls has dedicated itself to pursuing three strategic goals: Distinctive Academic Excellence, Global Education and Engagement, and Innovation and Partnerships. Collectively, we are forging a path that will lead to national recognition as a public university that has kept true to its commitment to students while reaching a distinctive destination that sets it apart. We are truly making the University of Wisconsin-River Falls a place that is global, innovative and excellent.  


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