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Our Goal

To provide students with the necessary foundation to pursue either a general or specialized career in the multidisciplinary field of environmental science. This is accomplished through a curriculum that provides a core of essential courses as well as courses chosen to prepare the student for the chosen academic area. Elective courses allow for as broad or specific a focus as desired. The academic program includes lecture, hands-on and field-oriented laboratories and an optional internship to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to begin a career in environmental science.

Why major in Environmental Science?

Students major in environmental science to:

  1. develop a personal environmental commitment into a professional career;
  2. maintain a high quality environment for this and future generations;
  3. pursue a flexible curriculum that enables them to specialize in a particular area of interest.
  4. turn a longtime interest in a particular area of environmental science into a professional
  5. acquire the interdisciplinary training necessary to many environmental science careers or for
    graduate school.

What Do Environmental Scientists Do?

Graduates pursue careers in environmental consulting, regulatory agencies or corporations. They may choose field-oriented positions in pollution monitoring and remediation including air, water or soil quality assessment and remediation. Environmental scientists also control and minimize the impacts of technology and waste on the environment. Graduates may choose specialized positions in environmental policy, environmental risk assessment, ecological assessment or computer modeling. Corporations and government agencies require environmental science graduates to ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations intended to preserve the environment. Students with environmental research interests are also prepared to pursue advanced degrees.


The environmental science and management unit within the plant and earth science department is home to the environmental science major. There are five full-time faculty who form the instructional and student advising core for the major. Since environmental science is such a diverse discipline, numerous faculty from other departments and units provide support courses for the major.

Environmental Science 

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Environmental Science

. . . is the study of the natural environment, integrating the sciences with knowledge of our impacts on the planet and a desire to solve environmental problems. This interdisciplinary major is designed to prepare students to face increasingly complex challenges in the context of environmental quality management and sustainable development.

Department of Plant and Earth Science
324 Agricultural Science

Environmental Science is a program in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.


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