First Year Family Blog

Reflecting and Moving Forward

To the families and loved ones of first-year students, congratulations! The academic year is coming to a close. Through the ups and downs, you and your student have made it.


We also recognize this first year may have been a challenge, and your student may not be certain about returning to UW-River Falls in the fall. If this is the case, we implore you to have a conversation with your student about why and what they hope to change. Despite the fact that it is summer, you and your student can still reach out to campus offices and staff with questions and concerns. Everyone’s situation is different, but before they make a decision encourage your student to utilize the resources available to them at UW-River Falls. This way they can make an informed decision and be prepared moving forward.


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While these conversations may not be easy to initiate, it is important to have realistic conversations with your student about their plans for fall early on so that they can start making a plan and getting any help that they need. We are here to help you and your student connect any dots and get where they need to go.


After their first year, some students may realize that they need a little bit more time before coming back to school to solidify major plans or to save funds for an additional year. If this is your student’s case, encourage your student to connect with their academic adviser who can talk with them about the university’s formal withdrawal process. We also encourage your student to review our re-entry process, which is available for students who take time away from the university and intend to return. If your student is thinking about transferring to another institution, we also recommend that they connect with their academic advisor or a faculty member in the major that they are studying to evaluate their situation.


Did your student just have a difficult time finding their place at the UW-River Falls community? Reach out to us and let us know! We are here to help students find their place on campus, and we are confident that UW-River Falls has a place for each and every student on campus. A student’s first year is filled with all kinds of changes and can be overwhelming for students. If they were not able to make the connections they were hoping to find, we have professional and student staff who are able to assist in directing students to opportunities to explore. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, NSFP will always be available and willing to help you or your student.  


Regardless of your student’s situation, we in NSFP want to congratulate you on this immense accomplishment. Pursuing a college degree is no easy feat, and you and your student should be proud of all the ways that you both have grown over the past year.