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Preparing for a Successful Spring Semester

Spring semester will be underway soon and your student will be entering their second semester of college. How can time be moving this quickly? Trust us, we are not sure either. Here are a few tips to help your student transition to their second semester and help them stay motivated to do their best!

A more realistic outlook

The beginning of the second semester may lack the same build-up and excitement of their first, however, your student now has a better understanding of the stresses and what they need to do to be successful. For some students, their first semester may not have gone as well as they would have liked. Be it grades, jobs, or social groups, spring semester marks a fresh start. Students can take what they learned from their first semester so that next semester goes a bit smoother. Encourage them to set goals for themselves, whether they be academic, financial, or centered on their well-being.

It's not too late to get involved on campus!

Maybe your student checked out one of our many student organizations on campus and didn’t feel that it was the right fit. Perhaps they were a little too nervous to attend campus events. Maybe they just needed some time to adjust to their new environment. Now that your student has a semester of experience under their belt, encourage them to get involved and try new things. The social aspects of college are important to ensuring your student feels valued and feel they belong. Engaging in the campus community and free events is a huge part of the Falcon experience!

Revisit family expectations

Did your commuting student not communicate with you when they would be home or at school? Do you wish your student would have called home more consistently? Before telling your student what you expect to be different, try to remember that they are still learning to navigate their independence. Checking in about expectations of one another is important and can help your student balance their home life and their college life.

We all want our Falcons to continue to grow and build their confidence, and these conversations are a huge component of their development. Before we go, the list below includes important dates for the spring semester. You can find more details on the UWRF website.

Important spring semester dates:

  • First day of classes - Jan. 28
  • Last day to add classes without signature - Feb. 1
  • Last day to drop classes without “w” - Feb. 15
  • Last day to withdraw from spring semester without “w”s - March 8
  • Spring Break - March 25 – 29
  • Last day of spring classes - May 10
  • Finals week - May 13 - 16