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There is no way around it - money matters! Here are the top things you need to know about Student Billing and Financial Aid. We are here to help your student be financially successful, assist with questions they have or provide support they may need pertaining to their college experience. For important billing and financial aid dates, be sure to check out the Financial Aid website.



Student Billing: Top 10 things you need to know


In early August, tuition and fees are calculated and placed on your student's eSIS account online. No paper bills will be mailed to students.

Your student's UWRF email account is the official communcation for billing statements, financial aid awards, refunds, and fee payment agreements.

Students can grant access to their family members within eSIS to view: billing information, ability to make payments, see financial aid awards, and their grades.

Students have the option to pay in full early in the semester (please check exact dates on your bill), or they can enroll in a partial payment plan. With the partial payment plan, students can pay 1/3 of the balance that is left after pending aid on the first due date. The remainder is due the second and third months of classes.

*Please note that fees do apply for utilizing the partial payment plan.*

Students can pay their bill online through their eSIS account, through mail (addressed to the Student Billing Office), or in person at Student Billing (cash and check only).

If students have hold on their eSIS accounts (due to billing to otherwise), they are unable to add or drop classes, cannot access their transcripts, and are unable to earn their diploma.

Some reasons for hold on their eSIS accounts include: tuition balances not paid by the due date, textbooks are not returned, or there are other fines unpaid (including parking or library fines).

If students are Minnesota residents, they need to apply for reciprocity with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. This allows students to pay tuition at a lower tuition rate. (online form)

The University does not provide paper checks for any refunds issued. Students must set up direct deposits in case of a return.

Need some help understanding what your student can do in eSIS? UWRF has eSIS tutorials online that can show you how to do all of the things mentioned above. Review them online at

Tutorials include: e-billing, granting access to viewing billing information, making credit card payments online, making electronic check payments online, and setting up a refund direct deposit.

Students are responsible for all financial obligations to the university. They cannot obtain a transcript or re-enter the university until all financial obligations are cleared.

If a student withdraws after the refund period ends, fees must be paid in full. Refer to the 'Refunds' section of the Student Billing website for more information on potential refunds or balance due if your student should withdraw. Contact the Student Billing Office with questions about how withdrawing may affect their bill.


Financial Aid: Top 3 things you need to know


It is not too late to apply for the FAFSA ( This will allow you and your student to learn what federal aid your student can receive to assist with funding their education. Know that even private education loans require the FAFSA.

There is a "To Do List" in eSIS that will provide directions for your student to follow and let them know what must be done to apply for and accpet or decline their financial aid awards.

Financial Aid will pay 10 days before the first billing due date, as long as your student has completed the process and accepted it.

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