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Deciding on a Major or Career Path:
While some students come into college knowing exactly what they want to do, others may have no idea. That is entirely okay! The national average for students switching their major is 80%, so if/when your student does decide to switch majors, don't worry. We have a lot of support on campus for exploratory students or students who would like to switch majors. Our Career Services offers online and in person tools to find a major; your student could meet with a career counselor, research majors within the UW System, speak with a professional advisor in another department, and so much more.
Career Services
Office: 187 Rodli Hall
Phone: 715-425-3572
For more information on Career Services options for changing majors, click here.

Tutoring Services:
At UWRF we offer tutoring services included with tuition and we highly recommend utilizing their services. Students can find a tutor for a specific class, general tutoring, find a tutoring center, or schedule a tutoring appointment. We offer tutoring centers for math, writing, business, and everything in between.
Tutoring Services
Office: 220 Rodli Hall
Phone: 715-425-3277

Online Resources:
Our Student Success Center offers a wide plethora of online resources for student wanting to seek help without having to go anywhere. To view the online resources available, click here.

Falcon Care Team:
The Falcon Care Team seeks to create a community of care by linking students experiencing various difficulties or challenges with the appropriate resources that will allow them the opportunity to overcome barriers on their path of success, both personal and educational. A coordinated care team comprised of various campus members that include: Student Conduct, Ability Services, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging, Residence Life, Stud Health & Counseling, Financial Aid, and Student Success.

Chalmer Davee Library:
Our library offers so many resources for student, both online and in person. Students can find study rooms lcoated throughout the library, a reference librarian for every major (and one dedicated to helping new students on our campus), and a vast selection of books and articles. Many students chose to study at the library for its study spaces, access to resources, and comfort.
Phone: 715-425-3321

Office of International Education:
The Office of International Education facilitates the development of engage, culturally-aware global citizens and leaders by providing meaningful international educational experiences for UWRF students, building and supporting robust international student enrollment on campus, and developing and sustaining international partnerships. UWRF was voted the #1 school in the UW System for study abroad and we have the highest percentrage of students who choose to study abroad during their undergraduate career.
Office: 174 Rodli Hall
Phone: 715-425-4891

Ability Services:
The Ability Services Office enables students with disabilities to develop their independence and self-advocacy skills in the classroom through reasonable accommodations. Ability Services provides service to students with a documented disability who need to arrange academic accommodations for their classes. A disability under ADA may include, but is not limited to ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury, PTSD, or a physical, sensory, psychological, learning disability, etc.
Office: 123 Rodli Hall
Phone: 715-425-0740

Falcon Center:
The Falcon Center is free to use for students taking 8 or more credits in a semester. A discounted price is offered for students taking 7 or less credits. The Falcon Center offers many amenities for students including a fitness center, indoor climbing wall, multipurpose studios, and so much more. For an overview of all the avaiable facilities, click here.

Campus Recreation:
Campus Recreation is a great way for your student to get involved and stay active on campus. The Campus Recreation team offers many open recreation activities to explore like group fitness classes, open skate, open climb, and intramural sports (such as basketball, volleyball, or ultimate frisbee). They also offer Sport Clubs for student looking for a higher level of commitment and competition than intramural sports. The Campus Recreation team also oversees all of our programs and services offered through the Falcon Outdoor Adventures.
Office: A105 Falcon Center
Phone: 715-425-4289


Emergency Alert Notification System:
Students and their families are encouraged to sign up for our Emergency Alert Notification system. Once they have subscribed, your student will be notified via phone, text, or email messages in the event of a campus emergency.
To sign up for the Emergency Alert Notification System, click here.

Emergency Phones:
UWRF has 20 emergency call phones located throughout campus. Students are encouraged to use these phones in an emergency or to report criminal activity. By dialing 911, your call will go to the Pierce County Sheriff's Dispatch Center and the University Police Department will respond.

Safewalk Program:
The Safewalk Program attempts to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere to the students, faculty, and staff of the University community who do not wish to walk alone on campus during the evening hours. University Police Officers provide the escorts on campus. Students requesting an escort may call the University Police at 715-425-3133.

Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy:
At UWRF we are committed to student safety and security. To create a safe environment for all students on our campus we provide our students with the knowledge and resources necessary to be safe. Students will be provided information about bystander intervention and sexual violence prevention. We have a Violence Prevention Coordinator and a Campus Victim Advocate on campus. We also provide extensive resources online for students to access at any time.
For more informaiton about these services, click here.

For additional information on Safety & Security on campus:
University Police Phone Number: 715-425-3133 (non-emergency)

At UW-River Falls our textbooks are included with tuition. That's right! No more guessing games about how much you will spend on books each semester, no matter how many they have. Students are helped through the process of renting textbooks within their first week at UWRF. Our orientation leaders will walk your students through how to properly rent their textbooks.

Printing on campus:
We allocate $10 to every student each semester for printing. Printing typically costs between $0.04 to $0.08 per page. We have printers located in numerous spots across campus. We offer a web printing service for students where they upload the document they would like to print online, then scan their IDs at any campus printer to release their documents.

Wireless Internet:
We offer a few different forms of wireless internet for students on campus. We have a guest wifi for guests on campus, eduroam wifi for personal devices (such as laptops, phones, tablets) and a registered wifi for large scale items (such as TVs and gaming counsels).

Technology Support:
Our Division of Technology Services (DoTS) is a fantastic resource for students with technology issues. Students can utilize their services for help with devices, student falcon accounts, software, and security.
Office: 160 Davee Library
Phone: 715-425-3687

Software Licensing:
As a campus we offer Office 365 included with tuition for students. We recommend students do not purchase a Microsoft Office package as they will have access to it through their student account. Students can request help with installation through DoTS.

Walking to Class:
It takes the average student approximately 15 minutes to walk from the far east side of campus to the far west side of campus. On average a student is able to walk to class in 10 minutes or less.

Through Falcon Outdoor Adventures students are able to loan a bike. The bicycles have different cost options for students looking for different loan time periods. Bike loans include a helmet, bike lock, and free respair/services. if your student is planning on bringing their bike, we also offer bike lockers. These are located on either side of campus near both the east and west side residence halls. To rent a bike locker for the academic year the fee is $60 and will be charged to a students eSIS account. Students are also asked to bring their own bike lock if they are looking to lock their bike at a bike rack on campus.
For more information on the Bicycle Loan Program, click here.
For more information on the Bike Locker Rental, click here.

Taxi Services:
Our campus offers roundtrip taxi services to essential places outside of campus (i.e. food shelf, health clinic). Students can show their student ID for a free roundtrip to specific locations. We also offer a safe ride home program from 10:00pm - 3:00am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for students while classes are in session. If a student wishes to use the taxi service for places other than those covered through the University, there is a fee associated with differing distances from River Falls.
For more information on the Taxi Service, click here.

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