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Study Abroad or URSCA Intent Application Form

Falcon and Chancellor's Scholars $2,000 Stipend Intent Form


Falcon and Chancellor's Scholars in good standing are eligible to receive up to $2,000 as a stipend to be used toward an international study abroad experience through Office of International Education, an undergraduate research project through URSCA, or a combination of the two. Additional information is available.

All Falcon and Chancellor's Scholars are strongly encouraged to speak with Office of International Education Rodli Hall 287 and/or the URSCA Office Rodli Hall 213 before submitting the intent form to the Falcon Scholars and Honors Program Office in Rodli Hall 231.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Earned at least 45 credits overall with at least 15 taken after becoming a full-time UWRF student OR have earned at least 30 credits overall and completed two (2) semesters after becoming a full-time UWRF student. 
  • Enrolled full-time.
  • Minimum CGPA met (Chancellor's Scholars = 3.0; Falcon Scholars = 2.75).
  • Completion and approval of this $2,000 intent form.
    • Study Abroad Experience: Program must be approved through Office of International Education and the FSHP Office.
    • Undergraduate Research: Follow the steps and instructions for submitting a research proposal listed on URSCA's website for Falcon & Chancellor's Scholars

The intent form does not guarantee that the $2,000 will be disbursed; rather this form is a way for us to track which experience you will pursue and when so that we can determine your eligibility. We recommend submitting the intent form at least one semester prior to the term in which the $2,000 will be used in order to allow adequate time for approval and processing. Disbursement information is available on the website.
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