Falcon Scholars

Junior or Senior Year Opportunity

Falcon Scholars and Chancellor's Scholars in good standing are eligible to receive $2,000 in their junior or senior year to be used toward an international study abroad experience through the Office of International Education, an undergraduate research project through URSCA, or a combination of the two.  

All Falcon Scholars and Chancellor's Scholars are strongly encouraged to speak with the Office of International Education (102 Hagestad Hall) and/or the URSCA Office (160 Hagestad Hall) before submitting the intent form to the Falcon Scholars and Honors Program Office in 139 Hagestad Hall.     

Eligibility Requirements:

  • At least 60 credits completed.  
  • Enrolled full-time.
  • Minimum CGPA met (Chancellor's Scholars = 3.0; Falcon Scholars = 2.75).      
  • Completion and approval of the $2,000 intent form.
    • Study Abroad Experience: Program must be approved through the Office of International Education and the FSHP Office.
    • Undergraduate Research: Follow the steps and instructions for submitting a research proposal listed on URSCA's website for Falcon Scholars and Chancellor's Scholars at

The intent form does not guarantee that the $2,000 will be disbursed; rather the form is a way for the FSHP Office to track which experience you intend to pursue and when so that your eligibility can be determined. It is recommended to submit the intent form at least one semester prior to the term in which the $2,000 will be used in order to allow adequate time for approval and processing. Information regarding disbursement of the funds can be found below based off of the experience you pursue. 

  • Study Abroad Funds:  For approved Office of International Education programs, the $2,000 will be applied to the student's account in the term in which the education abroad experience occurs. The disbursement date of the $2,000 must be the same date as all other UWRF Financial Aid disbursements. Students who have committed to a program in which the $2,000 Falcon Scholars money has been disbursed but then either cancel or do not complete the program will be required to return the funds and will not be eligible to receive the funds again. 
  • URSCA Funds:  Students using their $2,000 for an URSCA project will receive funds through Payroll as a stipend upon completion of the project, through Accounts Receivable for expenses incurred during the project, or both, depending on the nature of the project. Students should consult the URSCA Office regarding which of these options is appropriate for the project. Note: Monies paid through payroll are subject to appropriate tax withholding.  

To qualify for the $2,000, you must submit a completed intent form to the Falcon Scholars & Honors Program Office for prior approval as well as meet the other eligibility requirements listed above. You will work or continue to work with the Office of International Education and/or URSCA for further information and planning.  The intent form is available from our website (under "Forms"), on Canvas (under "Content"), or in 139 Hagestad Hall (under the air conditioner).

For more information regarding study abroad or undergraduate research opportunities, contact the appropriate office below.

Office of International Education

102 Hagestad Hall

Phone: 715-425-4891

Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (URSCA)

160 Hagestad Hall





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