Guidelines for Selecting a Study Abroad Experience Using Falcon Scholars Funds


When the Falcon Scholars program was established, the funds designated to assist students in a global travel experience were earmarked for study and education abroad; therefore, only programs that demonstrate an academic focus will be approved for funding.  In addition, the following guidelines will be used to determine whether or not a study/education abroad experience qualifies for the Falcon Scholars $2,000 award:


  1. The first step to using your stipend is to file with our office the intent form you can find in our office or on our website under “Forms.”  If an intent form is not filed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the trip, we will not be able to apply the stipend to that trip.


  1. Students must first consider study/education abroad experiences run through directly UWRF that have been vetted by faculty and/or staff of the university (e.g. Experience Scotland, Experience China, J-term in Costa Rica, Anatomy of Germany, spring break in Japan or Italy, etc.).  These experiences involve careful oversight by our faculty, staff, and administrators on campus and are academically focused.


  1. Opportunities offered through the University of Wisconsin System consortium may also be funded if the experience is approved for university insurance and is vetted by UWSystem.  These experiences involve careful oversight by our faculty, staff, and administration in the UWSystem and are academically focused.


  1. Falcon Scholars funds cannot be used to “third party” experiences such as World Endeavors or other programs that require you to book your own travel and pay a fee to a third party company.


  1. No study/education abroad experience will be approved for funding if any travel warnings have been issued for that country or location in the last three (3) months and/or if the faculty, staff, or administration believe that the experience will endanger the well-being of the student.


  1. The final approval for whether or not a program will be supported by Falcon Scholars money will be determined by the Director of the Falcon Scholars Program in conjunction with the Director of the Office of International Education, with the Provost being consulted as necessary.


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