Chancellor’s University Staff Excellence Awards

Chancellor’s University Staff Excellence Awards

2022 Nomination Timeline:

Open Oct. 26 - Nov. 23, 2022


The University of Wisconsin-River Falls each year recognizes two outstanding members of the University Staff.

Starting in 2021, a program category was added to recognize a unit, department or program primarily staffed by university staff for the important role they play in supporting the UW-River Falls mission and priorities.

Individual Award criteria:

  • Success in fulfilling the overall responsibilities of the job – descriptions can include:
    • superior job performance
    • work that goes “above and beyond” assigned duties
    • significant contributions, improvements or innovations brought to the unit or the university 
    • contributions to fulfilling the UWRF mission
  • Participation in university service projects outside of the job – descriptions can include:
    • participation on committees
    • volunteering for campus initiatives 
    • providing exceptional support to colleagues or students outside of regularly assigned responsibilities
  • Human relations – descriptions can include examples of:
    • good interpersonal skills (helpfulness, teamwork, customer service…)
    • positive attitude
    • professionalism

Program Award Criteria:

  1. Excellence of Performance – how has the unit/program/department become a model of high standards, professionalism and efficiency
  2. Initiative and Creativity – how has the unit/program/department’s performance demonstrated innovation or improved performance and productivity.
  3. Outstanding Achievement – how has the unit/program/department contributed to the UW-River Falls mission and impacted the distinctiveness of the campus

Nomination Process:
Anyone can nominate an eligible employee or program for this award.


Nominators are responsible for:

  • Filling out the Nomination Form
  • Obtaining at least one additional letter of support.
    • Letters can come from employees and students.
    • If the letter(s) of support are not included with the initial nomination form, the letter(s) must be emailed to by the final nomination date in order for the nomination to be considered for the award.

Nomination materials should describe how the nominee meets the selection criteria listed above.

Selection Process:
Selection is made by a committee that is charged with reviewing nomination materials which makes a recommendation to the chancellor for final approval. Membership of the committee includes the chancellor's designee (chair), the provost, the vice chancellor for finance and administration, as well as a member appointed by each of the following groups: University Staff Senate, Academic Staff Council and Student Government Association.

Submit Your Nomination for an Individual or Program

Individual nominations are broken down into two categories:

List A: Blue Collar, Crafts/Technical, and Law Enforcement

List B: Administrative Support, Fiscal and Staff Services, and Supervisory/Human Resources/Other

Nomination Form