Years of Service and Retirements

Years of Service and Retirements

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls values the contributions individual employees have made to its success. Excellence is achieved bu the dedication of each individual. Length of service awards are based on the years to UW-River Falls and to the State of Wisconsin. All employees who reached a milestone year (10, 15, 20, 25 etc.) in 2017, will be honored at a special luncheon on April 27, 2017. This recognition occurs during the calendar year in which the milestone occurs. Retirements honored in 2017 encompassed all known retirees since May of last year. 

If you have a question about years of service or retirements, call Human Resources at 715-425-3382

Years of Service 2017

40 Years
James Pratt
Ken Smith

35 Years
Jane Lubich
Steven Watters
Ian Williams

30 Years
Daniel Asp
Robert Coffman
Angela Kaiser
Annette Klemp
Daniel Linwick
Robin Murray
Reza Rahgozar
Richard Seefeldt
Ken Stofferahn

25 Years
Jacklyn Bennett
Gary Cottrell
Sonja Johnson
Kristine Jones
Bernice Ficek-Swenson
Patricia Ford
Brad Gee
Michael Kahlow
Valerie Malzacher
Bradley Mogen
Kim Mogen
Eric Sanden
Bonnie Walters

20 Years 
Sheila Behrendt
Marlys Carsten
Wes Chapin
Eric Eberhardt
Sandra Ellis
Gregg Heinselman
Kerry Keen
Mark Lambert
Laurel Langford
Michael Martin
Dean Olson
Gary Onan
Rich Wallace
Jason Winget
Steven Wodarz

15 Years
Scott Ballantyne
Joy Benson
Brenda Boetel
John Heppen
Ross Jilk
Torey Kauth
Carmen Pata
Wendy Stocker
Anthony Varghese
Scott Woitaszewski
Deborah Wulf

10 Years
Ryan Bench
Jose Carrillo
Holly Dolliver
Brian Drost
Joseph Gathman
Ramona Gunter
Michelle Hadley
Dan Hayden
Jennifer Herink
James Janke
Angela Johnson
Gregory Kerkvliet
Kathleen Maude
Denise Parks
Hilary Pollack
Jennifer Sell
Satomi Shinde
Constance Smith
Mark Smith
Lori Swanson
Stacy Valen Olstadt
Patricia Watters
Cory Whipkey
Rhonda Willers
Mary Wright
Karen Zander


Retirements 2017

Mark Bergland ~ Biology

Jennifer Borup ~ Social Work

Alan Carlson ~ Building Maintenance

Perry Clark ~ Animal and Food Science

Bernice Ficek-Swenson ~ Art

Sally Fields ~ Physics

Bruce Granberg ~ Ground Maintenance

Janet Hansen ~ Registrar's Office

Kevin Hodgson ~ Heating Plant

Lisa Isenberg ~ Psychology

Randy Johnston ~ Art

Florentine Kelly ~ College of Business and Economics

David Kuether ~ Police Department

Larry Larson ~ Custodial Services

Michele McKnelly ~ Chalmer Davee Library

Mary-Alice Muraski ~ Computer Science and Information Systems

Dan Peterson ~ Facilities Managment

James Pratt ~ Marketing Communications

Donna Robole ~ Human Resources

Thomas Smisek ~ Chalmer Davee Library

Connie Smith ~ Risk Management

Kenneth Smith ~ Heating Plant

Donald Stovall ~ Counseling and School of Psychology

Roger Ternes ~ Athletics

Mary Voiles ~ Admissions

Lesa Woitas ~ Custodial Services