Years of Service and Retirements

Years of Service and Retirements

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls values the contributions individual employees have made to its success. Excellence is achieved by the dedication of each individual. Length of service awards are based on the years to UW-River Falls and to the State of Wisconsin. All employees who reached a milestone year (10, 15, 20, 25 etc.) in 2020 will be honored at a special luncheon on Thursday, April 9, 2020. This recognition occurs during the calendar year in which the milestone occurs. Retirements being honored on April 9, 2020, encompass all retirements between May 2019 and February 2020.

If you have a question about years of service or retirements, call Human Resources at 715-425-3382.


40 Years
Michael Harris
Sheila Hinz

35 Years
Nathan Beeman
Anthony Bredahl
Dennis Cooper
Dawn Crook
Hossein Eftekhari
Joseph Langer
Mark Meydam

30 Years
Laurence Baumann
Betty Bibeau
Tammy Hinrichs
David Milne
Hossein Najafi
John Walker

25 Years
Jeffrey Berkhof
Carolyn Brady
Cindy Holbrook
Brian Huffman
Amy Riddle-Swanson
Rose Rude

20 Years 
Timothy Buttles
Cheryl Cernohaus
Tricia Davis
Corinna Fosmo
Elizabeth Gerbec
Joseph Kmiech
Joan Mayen
Claire McCarty
Sarah Nelson
Tracey Nyeggen
Cara Rubis
Robert Rust
Beatrice Sattler
Wanda Schlesser
Angela Siwik
Greg Van De Mark 
John Wheeler

15 Years
Rhonda Finstad
Greta Gaard
Mark Gillen
Rellen Hardtke 
Neil Kraus
Ozcan Kilic
Andrew Lacy
Lisa Lee
Mary Miller
Laura Otto
Lisa Owens
Michelle Parkinson
Mary Petersen
Mckenna Pfeiffer
Elizabeth Schneider-Rebozo 
Christopher Simer
Alexandru Tupan 
Karyn Wells 

10 Years
Joel Afdahl
Caroline Baker
Jan Behcel
Michael Bilden
Jorge Bonilla
Molly Foley
Cynthia Gregor
Benjamin Haseleu
Todd Johnson
Veronica Justen
Logan Kelly
Tyler Koepke
Amy Norelius
David Olson
Dan Paulus
Joel Peterson
Beth Schommer
David Sprague 
Alan Symicek 
Bee Vang
Rachel Walker 
Heather Wittkopf 


Retirements being celebrated on April 9, 2020

Cecilia Bustamente-Marre ~ Modern Language

Gloria Davis ~ Custodial Services

Susan Freiermuth ~ Plant & Earth Science 

Cheryl Kloss ~ Residence Life

John Krumm ~ Communication Sciences and Disorders

Mark Lambert ~ Building Maintenance

Peter Mak ~ Art

David Matz ~ Residence Life

Darryl Miller ~ Management and Marketing 

Kathryn Otto ~ Chalmer Davee Library

Alan Pound ~ English

Stephen Rohl ~ University Center

Ian Williams ~ Plant & Earth Science