Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Academic Staff

Due by September 20, 2017

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence for Academic Staff

This award honors outstanding service to the university.

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Academic Staff is presented annually to a non-instructional academic staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to the university. Letters of nomination and support are made to the Chancellor from faculty, students, and staff. Selection is made by a committee that is charged with reviewing nomination materials. Membership of the committee includes the Chancellor's designee (chair), the previous year's recipients, and one member appointed by the Faculty Senate, the Academic Staff Council, and the Student Senate.

  1. Success in fulfilling the overall responsibilities of the job;

  2. Participation in university service projects outside of the job; and
  3. Human relations (interpersonal skills, attitude, support, etc.).

Please include letters of support for each nominee. Letters can be sent directly to Sherri Skogen at