Chancellor's Advisory Council

The Chancellor's Advisory Council is a premier volunteer opportunity at UW-River Falls. The group is comprised of committed, enthusiastic community leaders representing key external stakeholder constituencies. Their counsel, ambassadorship and insights constitute invaluable support to the Chancellor. The purpose of the group is specifically aimed at supporting the university's mission through the development of partnerships that drive the success of UW-River Falls and the region we serve.

Members of the council are selected on the basis of their leadership, expertise and experience in public, private, business and academic domains. Council members serve in an advisory role and are not part of the formal governance of the university.

Chancellor's Advisory Council

Front row L-R: Kristi Cernohous, Bill Rubin, Jim Harsdorf, Chancellor Dean Van Galen, Quentin Schultz, Chris Blasius, Interim Provost Faye Perkins

Back row L-R: Steve Healy, Greg Gray, Regent Mark Tyler, Jamie Benson, Marian Furlong, John Potter, Bob Casey, Scot Simpson

2016-17 Chancellor's Advisory Council Members

Arlin Albrecht, Owner, Red Wing Publishing (Retired)

Jamie Benson, Superintendent, School District of River Falls

Chris Blasius, CEO, River Falls Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau

Bob Casey, Director of Sales, Aladtec, Inc. 

Jeff Cernohous, Interfacial Consultants

Kristi Cernohous, Interfacial Consultants

Marian Furlong, President and CEO, Hudson Hospital

Gregory Gray, Former Chief Compliance Officer, Minnesota Department of Human Services

James Harsdorf, Secretary-Emeritus, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Food & Consumer Protection

Steve Healy, Executive Director, Polk County Economic Development Corporation

Lynn Nelson, Executive Director, West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (WCWRPC)

Nick Oullette, Superintendent, Hudson School District

John Potter, Executive Director, Phipps Center for the Arts

John Rosenow, Partner, Rosenholm-Wolfe Dairy 

Bill Rubin, Executive Director, St. Croix Economic Development Corporation

Scot Simpson, River Falls City Administrator

Quentin Schultz, President, Eurofins BioDiagnostics, Inc. (Retired)

Regent Mark Tyler , President, OEM Fabricators 

Angel Zimmerman, Belle Vinz Winery

Shannon Zimmerman, CEO, Sajan, Inc.


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