Academic Programs


Accounting Degree

Agricultural Business Degree

Agricultural Education  Degree

Agricultural Engineering  Degree

Agricultural Engineering Technology Degree

Agricultural Studies Degree

Animal Science Degree

Art Degree

Art Education Degree

Biology Degree

Biology - Biomedical Sciences Degree

Biology Education Degree

Biology - Field Biology Degree

Biotechnology Degree

Business Administration - Finance Degree

Business Administration - Management Degree

Business Administration - Marketing Degree

Business Administration -  Marketing Professional Sales Degree

Chemistry Degree

Chemistry - Dual Degree (Engineering)

Chemistry Education Degree

Chiropractic Pre-Professional Degree

Communication Sciences and Disorders Degree

Communication Studies Degree

Companion Animal - Animal Science Degree

Computer Science and Information Systems Degree

Conservation and Environmental Planning Degree

Criminology Degree

Crop and Soil Science Degree

Dairy Science Degree

Data Science and Predictive Analytics Degree

Dental Pre-Professional Degree

Economics Degree

Elementary Education Degree

Engineering Pre-Professional Degree

English Degree

English Education Degree

Environmental Science Degree

Equine - Animal Science Degree

Exercise and Sport Science Degree

Food Science and Technology Degree

Geography and Geographic Information Science Degree

Geology Degree

Graphic Design (Art Degree)

Health and Physical Education Degree

History Degree

Horticulture Degree

International Studies Degree

Journalism Degree

Law Pre-Professional Degree

Literature Degree

Marketing Communications

Mathematics Degree

Mathematics Education Degree

Meat Animal - Animal Science Degree

Medical Pre-Professional Degree

Modern Language Degree

Music Degree

Music Education Degree

Neuroscience Degree

Occupational Therapy Pre-Professional Degree

Optometry Pre-Professional Degree

Pharmacy Pre-Professional Degree

Physical Science Degree

Physical Therapy Pre-Professional Degree

Physician Assistant Pre-Professional Degree

Physics Degree

Physics - Dual Degree Engineering Degree

Physics Education Degree

Political Science Degree


Secondary Education Degree

Social Studies Education Degree

Social Work Degree

Sociology Degree

Spanish Degree

Spanish Education Degree

Stage and Screen Arts Degree

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Degree

Veterinary Medicine Pre-Professional Degree

Veterinary Technology - Animal Science Degree


Pre-Major Degree

+ An area of study in which a certificate, certification or licensure is available