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The UWRF campus is one of the most residential in the state with over 40% of students living on campus. We believe this uniquely residential environment creates an on-campus experience like no other. We are proud to feature 11 residence halls housing approximately 2,500 students who live, learn, and discover together.

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Traditional Halls

Ames Suites and South Fork Suites


Hall Details

First Year Halls

Crabtree Hall

First Year Student: Someone who is in their first two semesters of college since graduating from high school, whether or not they have already taken college courses.

Grimm Hall

McMillan Hall

Parker Hall

Upperclass Halls

Ames Suites

Eligibility Requirements Ames and Hathorn:
1 year post high school graduation by date of residence hall move in.

Hathorn Hall

South Fork Suites

Eligibility Requirements South Fork Suites: 
2 years post high school graduation by date of residence hall move in.

Halls for Anyone

Johnson Hall

Both upperclass and first year students may reside in these halls.

May Hall

Prucha Hall

Stratton Hall



Event Access

The Department of Residence Life is committed to fostering inclusive residence hall communities where all members can fully participate in programs and activities. Recognizing the diverse needs of individuals within our community, if you require modifications or accommodations to participate in residemce hall programs, please let your Hall Director know. The sooner we are aware of your needs, the better, as it will help us plan accordingly. Requests for disability-related accommodations can also be made via the accommodations process with the Disability Resource Center.


What do the residence halls offer?

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • High-speed wireless internet
  • Free unlimited laundry
  • Trash / recycling services
  • Parking lots near halls
  • Short walk to class
  • Common spaces for cooking, studying, and socializing
  • Smoke-free facilities


What is most important to you?

Each category drops down with more information

Upperclass Learning Communities

You can join one of these communities when you sign your residence hall contract.  Space is limited and these communities fill quickly!

Learn more about these and First Year Communities on the Living & Learning Community web page.

South Fork Suites

Four single rooms in a suite

Ames Suites

Large Double and Single Rooms

All other halls

Double Rooms

To choose a roommate visit the Residence Hall Portal.

  • Roommates must be mutually requested and accepted before signing up for a room
  • Staff facilitates a roommate agreement process and are trained to mediate any conflicts between roommates, if necessary
  • Students wishing to sign-up for a room in Ames or South Fork Suites can complete the contract signing via the portal. For the current semester or for Spring semester, students who have a signed contract may add their name to a wait list for those halls. For an upcoming Fall semester, current students may either reserve a bed during Room Sign-up during Spring semester, or may add their name to the the Ames and South Fork Suites wait list (incoming students may add their name to the wait list only).


Single-Gender & Mixed-Gender Suites

Students who are eligible for South Fork Suites may choose to live in either a single-gender or mixed-gender suite. Single-gender suites are assigned based on birth-gender, and students may sign up to be in a single-gender suite individually or in groups. For students who wish to be in a mixed-gender suite, each student must sign an 'Agreement for Mixed-Gender Housing' and submit a 'Form for Mutually Requesting Each Suitemate' and must have a group of 4.

South Fork Suites

Each suite is equipped with a kitchen (full size fridge, microwave, sink, cabinets, and ample counter space).

Two full kitchens with stoves are located on each floor.

Ames Suites

Each pod (about 22 people) contains a kitchen & dining/kitchenette area.

Full kitchens are located on the 2nd and 4th floors.

All Other Residence Halls

At least one full kitchen is located in each residence hall.

South Fork Suites

Conference Room equipped with a television and plush couches is located on the 1st floor.

A pool table is located on the 2nd floor.

A workout room is located on the 2nd floor.

Ames Suites

Each pod (about 22 people) contains a living room area with a television and plush couches.

All other halls

Theatre rooms including TVs, Blu-Ray players, surround sound, and couches are located in the basement of each residence hall.

Game tables (Pool, Ping-Pong, etc.) are located in the basement of each hall. 

South Fork Suites

 Each suite of four single rooms has a full bathroom.

Ames Suites

 Each pod contains 3 full bathrooms.

All other halls

 Each floor has gender-specific bathrooms.

All community bathrooms on campus are cleaned by our custodial staff each weekday.  Ames bathrooms are cleaned bi-weekly and South Fork bathrooms, each semester.

All hall common areas are continuously cleaned by custodial staff.

All Residence Halls are locked to outsiders, and residents have access with their student ID.  Resident Assistants on each floor of each building in collaboration with Campus Police, continuously monitor student safety.

Cost includes room and all utilities and amenities, so there are no unexpected or variable costs.  Housing deposits carry over from year to year.  There is no need to collect rent or any payments from your roommates.  All payments are made individually, once per semester.

View residence hall rates linked below. Annual rate adjustments are voted on by the Residence Hall Association in January and approved by the University Of Wisconsin Board Of Regents in July.

View Residence Hall Rates Page >>

Living near class

On campus residence halls are the closest you can live to your classes.  Halls are located on East and West sides of campus with academic buildings in the center. 


Living in the residence halls is available throughout the academic year and in the summer.  All breaks, except J-term are included in the residence hall contract.  Students wanting to stay over winter break/J-term can do so by signing a J-term contract.  Students who are taking classes, doing research on campus, or are working on campus in the summer can also live in the summer residence hall.


Residence Life supports student's decisions to leave for a semester due to studying abroad, student teaching, or an internship without being locked into a lease or needing to sublet your room.

Studying Abroad: Current students who plan to study abroad for an upcoming semester should contact Residence Life to have their housing deposit "held" until the semester that they return to on-campus living.

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