Living in the Halls

Living in the Residence Halls

The residence halls at UWRF are vibrant communities where students participate in a wide-variety of floor and hall programs, learn with and from others, and interact with individuals different from themselves.  Residence Life offers a number of living options and a well-trained staff to assist you and act as a resource for your on campus living needs.  

The vast majority of UWRF residence hall students indicate they are very satisfied with their on-campus living experience and, in particular, have a high level of satisfaction with their Resident Assistant, and the opportunity to interact personally with others in their residence hall.

Residence Hall Staff: Staff manage the day-to-day operations in each hall.

Residence Halls: The UWRF campus is one of the most residential in the state with over 40% of students living on campus.

Room Design: There are three types of rooms in the residence halls: 

  1. Traditional Double Room: A room shared by two residents. Most hall rooms are double rooms.
  2. Single Room: A room for one resident, available in South Fork Suites or Ames Suites. In our upper class hall (South Fork Suites), four single rooms share a living room, bathroom and kitchen in an apartment style living arrangement. A small number of single rooms are available in Ames Suites, which share similar amenities in a pod-style living arrangement.

Move In: Learn more.

Move Out: Learn more.

Community Standards: In order to ensure the rights of all students are upheld each member of the UW-River Falls community is responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies of the residence hall system as well as the policies of each hall entered. Visit the Residence Life Student Guide to review community standards.

Conduct Procedures: When there is a violation of residence hall policy, the specific conduct procedures are followed to address the issue(s). Visit the Residence Life Student Guide to review conduct procedures.

Living Learning Communities: Living as part of a community is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial parts of residential campus living. View the Community Living options.

Facilities & Services: As you make the transition to college, your residence hall is designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful in your "home away from home."

Safety & Security: Safety in the residence halls is everyone’s responsibility. There are a number of things the university does to promote safe environments. Students are also expected to assume responsibility for their safety through emergency preparedness. Visit the Residence Life Student Guide to review safety and security.

Sustainability: Visit the Sustailability office to learn more about how you can participate in making our campus more sustainable.

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