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Move In

Fall 2021 Move-In


More information to come Summer 2021.


Room and Suite Condition Reports exist to report the physical condition of the room and the furniture in the room upon arrival. Students are expected to complete Room and Suite Condition Reports fully and in detail, then turn the Report in to Residence Life staff prior to moving belongings into the space. Room and Suite Condition Reports are kept on file and revisited when students move out of the room to review any damages outside of typical wear and tear.

Students who do not complete and return the Room and Suite Condition Report will be held responsible for the condition of the room or suite based on the check-out information from the previous year.
Students are encouraged to:

  • Print legibly and fully complete the document.
  • Select the side of the room or portion of the suite for which you are responsible. The “right” or “left” is based on standing in the doorway of the room, facing the window.
  • If you find a problem or damage, describe the location, size, color and shape of the damaged item or area.
  • Verify that the items are in your traditional double room.
    • One bed, mattress, loft kit per resident
    • One desk, chair, bookshelf per resident
    • One closet/wardrobe per resident
    • One dresser per resident
    • One cable box per resident
    • One microfridge unit per room
    • One set of blinds per room
    • One trash can and recycling bin per room
  • Verify that the items are in your South Fork Suite room and common area.
    • Bedroom
      • Wardrobe
      • Bed, mattress, loft kit
      • Dresser
      • Desk, chair, 
      • Trash bin
      • Window blinds
      • Towel bars
    • Common room
      • 2 chairs
      • 1 couch
      • 2 end tables
      • 1 entryway closet
      • 1 vacuum cleaner
      • 1 broom
      • 1 dustpan
      • 3 sets of window blinds
      • Cable TV box
    • Kitchen
      • Full size refrigerator
      • Microwave
      • 4 bar stools
      • Sink
      • Trash bin
      • Recycling bin
      • Multiple cupboards/cabinets/shelving
    • Bathroom
      • Shower
      • Shower curtain
      • Vanity
      • Mirror/medicine cabinet
      • Drawers/shelving
      • Towel bars
      • Plunger
      • Trash bin

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