Living in the Halls

Move In

Spring 2021 Move-In 

Students who did not live in the residence halls during Fall 2020 may move in January 21-24, after completing COVID-19 testing requirements. 


To move into the residence halls properly, follow these instructions:

  • Bring your UWRF Student ID.
  • Complete COVID-19 testing requirements. Students may not access their residence hall without completing this requirement. You have two options:
    • Schedule and complete a free test at the on-campus testing center, or,
    • Submit an exclusion form through the portal. Allow time for the form to be reviewed and approved.
  • After completing the COVID-19 testing requirement, report to your assigned residence hall. Call the Resident Assistant on duty. The phone number is posted on the exterior doors on a window cling.
  • Meet with a hall staff member to complete the check-in process.


What if I move in and then decide that I want to move out of the residence hall?    

  1. Contracts cannot be cancelled after you have moved into the residence hall. We strongly encourage students who are feeling unsure about living on campus, but are eligible to submit a Commuter Request Form or Online Learner Exemption/Cancellation Request Form, submit that request no later than Wednesday, Aug. 26. 
  2. After you move into the residence hall, even If you would have been previously eligible to request a cancellation, exemption, or commute, those options are no longer available.
  3. If you move into the residence hall and are struggling with your experience, our professional staff members are here to assist you. Please let a Residence Life staff member know and we are happy to meet with you.


I’m a new student. When should I move in?

New students are encouraged, but not required, to move into their hall by Sunday, Aug. 30 to fully participate in Week of Welcome and orientation activities beginning on Monday Aug. 31 and Tuesday, Sept.1. During the Week of Welcome, students will interact with an orientation leader who will help facilitate online and outdoor activities to meet other new students, get to know campus and the River Falls community, learn about life as a college student, and prepare for their first year at UWRF! 

Optional orientation activities will be available beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 26 in the evening, and will take place each day through Friday, Sept. 4. No matter when you move-in, be prepared to explore campus, meet fellow Falcons, participate in fun FREE events, and get some awesome UWRF giveaways. For a full schedule and more details, visit the New Student and Family Programs website.


What if I or those assisting me with move-in do not feel well prior to move-in?

  1. Do not move to campus. It is in the best interest of your health, as well as the health of our community, for you to stay home.
  2. Notify Residence Life by email or phone at and 715-425-4555 to cancel your appointment time. In that communication, include the following:
    1. Student’s first and last name
    2. Student 7-digit ID number on the UWRF Student ID card (commonly referred to as a W number)
    3. Hall and room number
    4. Expected move-in date 
    5. Canceled move-in date and time
  3. We will work with you to schedule an alternate move-in time when you are well according to CDC guidelines.


Do I have to wear a face covering?

Yes. Individuals who are not wearing a face covering will not be permitted to enter the residence halls per the UW System Board of Regents policyLearn more about face coverings here.


Do I need to provide identification to check-in to my hall?

  1. Yes. Students need to present a UWRF Student ID at time of check-in.
  2. New students need to submit their photo by Sunday, Aug. 16, 2020 to receive their ID in the mail before move-in. Submit a photo for your UWRF Student ID here. Contact the Carding office at or call 715-425-3687 with questions.


When can I eat?

Meal plans begin on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020 with breakfast in Riverside Commons. Learn more about Dining Services here.


Do I have to stay in the halls once I have moved in?

  1. No, you are not required to stay in the halls once you have moved in.
    1. If you choose to leave campus and return prior to Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, you will not be permitted to pull up to the curb side near the residence halls to unload more items. You will need to park in your assigned lot.
  2. You are welcome to stay in the halls once you have moved in if you would like to.


Can someone come help me move-in?

Yes. Each resident can bring two individuals to assist in the move-in process. The additional people must exit the residence hall at the end of the two-hour move-in appointment time.


What if I or those assisting me with move-in have or been exposed to COVID-19 prior to my arrival?

If you believe you or those assisting you with move-in have been exposed to COVID-19, do not move into the residence halls. Email or call Residence Life at or 715-425-4555 to create alternate plans.


When can I eat?

Meal plans begin on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020 with breakfast in Riverside Commons. Learn more about Dining Services here.


Where there be any carts or dollies for me to use for my move-in?

No carts or dollies will be made available to people moving in. Residents are welcome to bring their own cart or dolly.


Will rubber mallets be available to loft my bed?

  1. Yes, rubber mallets will be available at the check-in station. Rubber mallets should be returned in a timely manner to ensure others can use them. Rubber mallets will be disinfected between each use.
  2. It is recommended that residents wanting to loft their bed bring another individual to assist.
  3. Learn how to loft your bed here.

Room and Suite Condition Reports exist to report the physical condition of the room and the furniture in the room upon arrival. Students are expected to complete Room and Suite Condition Reports fully and in detail, then turn the Report in to Residence Life staff prior to moving belongings into the space. Room and Suite Condition Reports are kept on file and revisited when students move out of the room to review any damages outside of typical wear and tear.

Students who do not complete and return the Room and Suite Condition Report will be held responsible for the condition of the room or suite based on the check-out information from the previous year.
Students are encouraged to:

  • Print legibly and fully complete the document.
  • Select the side of the room or portion of the suite for which you are responsible. The “right” or “left” is based on standing in the doorway of the room, facing the window.
  • If you find a problem or damage, describe the location, size, color and shape of the damaged item or area.
  • Verify that the items are in your traditional double room.
    • One bed, mattress, loft kit per resident
    • One desk, chair, bookshelf per resident
    • One closet/wardrobe per resident
    • One dresser per resident
    • One cable box per resident
    • One microfridge unit per room
    • One set of blinds per room
    • One trash can and recycling bin per room
  • Verify that the items are in your South Fork Suite room and common area.
    • Bedroom
      • Wardrobe
      • Bed, mattress, loft kit
      • Dresser
      • Desk, chair, 
      • Trash bin
      • Window blinds
      • Towel bars
    • Common room
      • 2 chairs
      • 1 couch
      • 2 end tables
      • 1 entryway closet
      • 1 vacuum cleaner
      • 1 broom
      • 1 dustpan
      • 3 sets of window blinds
      • Cable TV box
    • Kitchen
      • Full size refrigerator
      • Microwave
      • 4 bar stools
      • Sink
      • Trash bin
      • Recycling bin
      • Multiple cupboards/cabinets/shelving
    • Bathroom
      • Shower
      • Shower curtain
      • Vanity
      • Mirror/medicine cabinet
      • Drawers/shelving
      • Towel bars
      • Plunger
      • Trash bin

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