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Academic Year 2023-2024
  • The move in process for Fall 2023 will begin on September 2 for new and transfer students, and September 3-5 for returning students.
  • Welcome activities and meal plans start on September 2nd.
  • More information to come over the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Move In Sign Up

Tue, August 15, 8am - Mon, Aug 28, Noon

On the week of August 11, all students living on campus will receive an email to their UWRF email address with details about how to sign up for a move in date and time.

Move in sign up will launch in the Housing Portal during the above dates, allowing students to select a move in date and 30 minute timeslot. There will be a specific number of move in timeslots per hour to limit traffic in the halls during move in days, and to provide an orderly experience for students and families.

Move in sign up step-by-step instructions >>


Can I change my move in date or time after I choose one? During the above dates, at any time students may log into the Portal and change their move in date and time.

What happens if I don't choose a move in timeslot? You will be randomly assigned to a move in day and time.

Fall 2023 Move In

In the Housing Portal, each student will have a 30 minute move in timeslot on a date between September 2-5.  Your move in day and time will be displayed on the "My Room Assignment" page in the Portal. This information will also be emailed to all students' UWRF email addresses prior to move in.

Your 30-minute move-in timeslot is when you will unload your vehicle near your residence hall. Once unloaded, the vehicle must be moved to a parking lot and you can continue to unpack at your leisure.

After the car has been moved, you will go inside the hall, show staff your UWRF student ID, get your key, and begin bringing your things inside to your new room.


REQUIRED: Students must have their UWRF student ID card to check in 

Students who do not have a UWRF student ID card upon arrival must first report to the Carding Office in the Chalmer Davee Library, room 160, before reporting to their residence hall.

The Carding Office is open:

  • Sat, Sept. 2, 7am – 6pm
  • Sun, Sept. 3, 7am - 5pm
  • Mon, Sept 4, Closed
  • Tue, Sept 5, 7:30am - 4:30pm 

Each residence hall has a limited number of large red moving carts as well as rubber mallets, which are used to adjust the height or loft the bed.

Those who use the large red moving carts are asked to return them to the lobby in a timely manner to allow others to access the carts.

Students and families are welcome to bring their own dollies, carts, etc.

Welcome activities for incoming students, and meal plans, start on September 2nd.

Not all requests to move in early will be approved. Students who have a valid reason to move in prior to the assigned move in date should visit the Early Arrival Request web page for further information.

NOTICE: Early Arrival Request Has Now Closed

The ability to submit a request to arrive early (prior to the September 2-5 move in dates) has closed.


Learn more about connecting to the WiFi, registering items such as gaming systems and streaming devices, and connecting to the Guest Network prior to move-in.

Learn more about mail and your hall mailing address.

A loft kit is available in each residence hall room. Residence Life is unable to loft beds prior to move-in, but will assist as able when requested during move-in. Rubber mallets are used to adjust bed height and loft beds. A limited number of rubber mallets are available in each residence hall.

Heat Advisory

The weather in River Falls September 2-5 is forecasted to be hot. Temperatures will range from highs of 87-100 degrees. Most residence halls across Wisconsin, including UWRF, do not have air conditioning. Please consider the following as you and any supporters prepare for a safe move-in weekend:

  • Begin hydrating now and stay hydrated through the period of high temperatures.
  • The humidity will create condensation in the residence halls, making floors slippery. Take care when moving through the building, especially the tiled basement areas. 
  • Heat exhaustion symptoms include dizziness, thirst, heavy sweating, nausea, and weakness. If you or another experience these symptoms, quickly move to a cooler area, sip cool water, loosen clothing, and seek medical help if there is no improvement.
  • Heat stroke symptoms can include confusion, dizziness, and unconsciousness. If a person is experiencing these symptoms, you are encouraged to call 911.


What You Can Do To Beat The Heat

  • Consider spending time in air-conditioned facilities on campus, particularly the University Center, Falcon Center, and Rodli Hall. Visit their webpages to review hours of operation.
  • Plan to bring a fan for use in your room. The use of personal air-conditioning units is not permitted due to the strain it places on the hall’s electrical system.
  • Using fans and keeping your room door open will help create airflow within the community if all or many members choose to do so. 
  • Consider using a spray bottle or mister to keep yourself cool.
  • Water bottle filling stations can be found in all residence halls and most buildings on campus. Please use them and monitor your water intake.

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