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Organizational Chart

View our Organizational Chart. Residence Life is a department within the Division of Student Affairs.


Central Office Staff

Karla Thoennes
Karla Thoennes
Director of Residence Life

White, Kenney
Kenney White
Assistant Director of Residence Life - Residence Education

Julie Phelps
Assistant Director of Residence Life – Facilities and Business Operations

Erik Heller
Erik Heller
Assistant Director of Residence Life - 
Leadership Development and Outreach

Jackie Bennett Photo
Jackie Bennett
Custodial Supervisor

Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald
Information and Technology Coordinator

Cori Fosmo
Cori Fosmo
Contract and Assignment Coordinator

Stephanie Shipp
Stephanie Shipp
Administrative Support Coordinator

Witak, Sam
Sam Witak, Hall Director
Ames and South Fork Suites

Brunner, Liz
Liz Brunner, Hall Director
Crabtree Hall

Nick Lauer
Nick Lauer, Hall Director
Grimm Hall and McMillan Hall

Steilen, Nicolas
Nic Steilen, Hall Director
Hathorn Hall

Mitchell Hein
Mitchell Hein, Hall Director
Johnson Hall and Prucha Hall

Jessica Reagan
Jessica Reagan, Hall Director
May Hall and Stratton Hall

Leek Sean Hall Director Residence Life
Sean Leek, Hall Director
Parker Hall


Graduate Student Interns

Phong Yang
Phong Yang
Assistant Hall Director
Grimm Hall and McMillan Hall

Ellen Halvorson
Ellen Halvorson
Leadership & Operations
Graduate Advisor

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Department of Residence Life
Division of Student Affairs
M-F, 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
B3 East Hathorn Hall