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Amenities and Services

  • May hall lobby
  • May hall kitchen
  • May hall basement lounge
  • Laundry room

As you make the transition to college, your residence hall is designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful in your "home away from home."

Every residence hall has a variety of common spaces for students to use, such as media rooms, study rooms, and kitchens. Students using kitchens need to bring their own kitchen supplies.

Learn more about Room Design.

Bikes are welcomed on campus, however, they are not allowed to be stored inside the residence halls. Bike racks are located on each side of campus, adjacent to the residence halls.

A limited number of enclosed bike lockers are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis near the residence halls. Fill out the Bike Locker Rental Agreement Form to reserve a bike locker, available on the Residence Life website. The cost is $60 per academic year and $25 for the summer.

If your bicycle is stolen or missing from campus, contact University Police at 715-425-3133.

All residence halls are Wi-Fi enabled. Learn more about the campus technology through the Division of Technology Services. The Division of Technology Services (DoTS), located in 160 Davee Library, provides technology support to all students, faculty and staff, and residents at UW-River Falls.

Technology assistance should be directed to DoTS at, 715-425- 3687, or visit the DoTS website. Students may update and maintain their password in Password Self-Service.

Before moving in, residents are encouraged to review the following resources related to technology on campus:

What kinds of technology do residents bring to campus?

  • Some students choose to bring a computer, mouse, television, USB cables, tablets, cell phones, and headphones to campus. Students can also use free computer labs throughout campus.

What should students refrain from doing regarding technology?

  • Students are not able to connect to the Ethernet ports in their residence hall room.
  • Students are not able to use their own wireless router in the residence halls. This creates connectivity issues for others living in the hall.
  • Students may have wireless personal printers but must disable the wireless service and connect a USB printer cable for printing. The Department of Technology Services have USB printer cables available. Students can also print on campus by accessing the Web Print portal.

On-campus residents enrolled in a meal plan who are unable to go to dining locations on campus due to illness should contact Dining Services for support. 

Laundry facilities are located in each hall in either the basement or individual communities, depending on the building. Laundry machines are free to residents. Each resident must provide their own detergent and dryer sheets. It is recommended that residents use detergent pods, as they work best in our high efficiency machines. With the Laundry View app, residents can also determine when a machine is available and/or when their laundry is done. If a machine is not working, call the phone number on the machine for repair. More information can be found at the Laundry View webpage at

Please review these resources prior to using the machines:

Laundry 101
Laundry Tips-N-Tricks
Detergent 101
Machine Overload

If a resident believes that they have lost any items, they can check with their hall director, the University Center Information Desk or University Police to see if the item has been turned in to the campus lost and found.


Learn more about mail processing, procedures, and hours of availability at the Hathorn Mail Center webpage.

Mail Center Assistants

Learn more about student staff and apply at the Mail Center Assistant webpage.


General Maintenance & Custodial

Student assistance in reporting maintenance or custodial conditions in our residence halls is essential. If residents have concerns regarding maintenance or custodial conditions, they should submit a work order.

Submit a Work Order



Elevators are available in Ames and South Fork Suites, as well as Crabtree, Hathorn, Johnson and May halls. If an elevator is not working, inform Residence Life staff immediately.


Residents are able to make adjustments to the level of heat in their rooms. If they believe the room is too hot or cold, they should contact residence hall staff. Personal heating or air conditioning units are not permitted.


If a light bulb in a resident’s room burns out, submit a work order to have the light bulb replaced as soon as possible. 

Microwave & Mini Fridge Units

Micro Fridge units are provided in most residence hall rooms. The micro fridge units have a refrigerator, freezer, and a microwave. Separating the unit is considered vandalism and a resident may be charged restitution for the repair of the unit. It is advised that students defrost their refrigerator/freezer at least once during the academic year.

Instead of micro fridge units, the George R. Field South Fork Suites includes a kitchenette which has a full-size refrigerator and microwave.

Residents are responsible for removing trash and recycling on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness. Trash and recycling should be placed in the appropriate receptacles located outside each residence hall.

Vending machines are located within each residence hall. They accept cash and credit cards. Residents who experience any issue with the vending machines should contact the phone number located on the machine to address their concerns. Residents can also work through vending machine issues or refunds at the University Center’s Information Desk.

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