UWRF Sustainability


We endeavor to engage students, faculty, staff and the wider community, through hands-on educational and volunteer opportunities, to further expand our shared integrity as socially, economically, and environmentally responsible citizens. 

We envision

  • UW-River Falls to be a leading climate negative university, using simple, elegant and affordable solutions to reduce our campus carbon footprint.
  • Preserving our community's uniquely rural identity while honoring the cultural heritage of every community member to deepen the diversity of experiences our students are exposed to.
  • The curricula across departments to reflect our commitment to sustainability and the campus as a living and learning laboratory.   
  • A student body renowned for their participation in fulfilling their responsibility and potential to create a better world.      

We value the core American values of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, all grounded in accountability for self, family, neighborhood, community, and country.  

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If you have any compliments, suggestions, information, or concerns about Facilities Planning and Management, please let us know using this process.