UWRF Sustainability


The Office of Sustainability has created a variety of bulletin boards for use on campus as well as offers a few sustainability related programs. If you are interested in getting material for a bulletin board or inviting sustainability staff in to facilitate a program, please contact

Bulletin Boards

        • Waste minimization

        • Energy efficiency

        • Water Conservation

        • Renewable Energy

        • Food Insecurity and Resources

        • Get Involved in Sustainability On Campus


  • The Real Game of Life – Participants have to make choices in regard to food, transportation, and lighting. They have limited time and money and curve balls are thrown their way. Projector required.

  • Sustainability scavenger hunt – Participants break into groups and will go all over campus. 

  • DIY Name Signs/Door Decs – craft event where participants can make a sign with their name on it made out of all upcycled materials.

  • Sustainability Trivia - Kahoot! Style.

Presentation Recording

Presentation by Dr. Terry Root on Climate Change changes

Presentation by the Office of Sustainability on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation by Dr. Jonathan Overpeck on how climate change is affecting our waterways

Presentation by Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes on the Wisconsin Climate Change Task Force