UWRF Sustainability

Sustainability Resources

The Office of Sustainability has created a variety of bulletin boards for use on campus as well as offers a few sustainability related programs. If you are interested in getting material for a bulletin board or inviting sustainability staff in to facilitate a program, please contact

Bulletin Boards

        • Waste minimization

        • Energy efficiency

        • Water Conservation

        • Renewable Energy

        • Food Insecurity and Resources

        • Get Involved in Sustainability On Campus


  • The Real Game of Life – Participants have to make choices in regard to food, transportation, and lighting. They have limited time and money and curve balls are thrown their way. Projector required.

  • Sustainability scavenger hunt – Participants break into groups and will go all over campus.  

  • DIY Name Signs/Door Decs – craft event where participants can make a sign with their name on it made out of all upcycled materials.

  • Sustainability Trivia - Kahoot! Style.