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UWRF Sustainability

Bee Club & Bee Campus USA

Bee Campus USA:

UWRF is proud to be an affiliate of this national program that recognizes, supports, and encourages pollinator conservation on college and university campuses.

Bee Campus USA Commitments:

As a Bee Campus USA affiliate, UW - River Falls is commited to the following:

  • Creating and enhancing the pollinator habitat on campus by increasing the abundance of native plants and providing nest sites
  • Reducing the use of pesticides
  • Offering courses and/or continuing education opportunities that incorporate pollinator conservation
  • Offering service-learning projects to enhance pollinator habitat
  • Displaying signage focused on pollinator conservation
  • Maintaining an online presence for our Bee Campus USA activities

Bee Campus USA Committee:

Our Bee Campus USA Committee advocated for pollinators on campus.

  • Mark Klapath-Mathias, Co-Chair
    • Staff, Sustainability Coordinator 
  • Amber Rappl, Co-Chair
    • Student, Bee Club President & Treasurer
  • Lauren Schmelzer Co-Chair 
    • Student, Bee Club Vice-President 
  • Lucy Cahn, Co-Chair
    • Student, Bee Club Social Media 
  • Chloe Elftmann, Co-Chair
    • Student, Bee Club Secretary

UWRF Bee Club

A group of students interested in learning and educating the community about the important impact that bees have on the environment. Club activities and events focus on raising awareness, helping pollinators, and finding ways to counter the global decrease of bees.

  • Bee Hotel Installation as of Fall 2022
  • Affiliate of Bee Campus USA as of Summer 2021
  • Annual Mask Sale Fundraiser (2020-2021)




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