UWRF Sustainability

Sustainability Innovations


  • Gravel Tree Bed
    • A collaboration between UW- River Falls and the City of River Falls
    • In 2017, 50 trees were planted in the gravel bed
    • UW- River Falls planted 12 of these trees along campus boulevards and outside of buildings
    • The City of River Falls used these trees along boulevards and in city parks
    • The additional trees were sold to River Falls residents through a tree power incentive program
  • Companion Animal Collaboration
    • Issues addressed:
      • Abundance of shelter dogs passed over for adoption
      • Challenges a person with disabilities faces when getting assistance
      • Social Inequalities experienced by people with disabilities
    • Majors involved:
      • Psychology
      • Education
      • Social Work
      • Pre-Professional Disciplines
    • The program provides:
      • Increased assistance dog availability
      • Increased awareness and public education about what service dogs do
    • ADEPT interns learn:
      • Responsibility
      • Empathy
      • Teamwork
  • Support for CAHCC Happyland in Cambodia
    • UWRF donated surplus technology
      • 5 laptops
      • 3 tablets
      • Charging cords  
    • Allowed volunteers to teach Cambodian children computer skillls
    • Happyland reported that the donations allowed them to teach over 45 more children per day
    • The children practiced their computer and English skills by writing UW- River Falls thank you letters